Are you not feeling motivated to go outside for a healthy walk? How about downloading the application StreetComplete from @fdroidorg and start helping out OpenStreetMap by adding missing data about the places around you!

I started today and it made my daily walks a lot more fun! It also motivates me to walk even more and visit new places that I wouldn't visit otherwise. :)

@hund @sm0g I like it very much. Problem in rural areas is that even most buildings are not marked yet. Maybe a feature can be added to draw buildings. When navigating with OSMAnd you often cannot search for a house number. That's a basic feature for most people. This could be tackled be the mentioned feature.

@hund @fdroidorg Street complete is a really nice app. I use it to help fill in gaps in the map

@hund Nice one! I've made an account but never get round to adding in daily life.

Belgrade's going on the map.

Thanks for the tip, tried to install on f-droid but got an error that the file wasn't found. Version 9.0 is listed...

@hund @fdroidorg
The GitHub repo has v12.0! Downloading the app right now.

@hund @fdroidorg Thanks for sharing I love OpenStreetMap and was wondering how I can contribute to improve it!!! 👍

@hund @fdroidorg Downloaded, signed up on OpenStreetMap and will try it out today 😊

@hund When I open it I don't have any map, like I can download quests but they appear on nothing, did I do something wrong ? :x I downloaded the maps for the app "Maps" on fdroid I thought StreetComplete used the same maps

@Nocta I have no idea to be honest. I do have Maps from F-droid as well.

I suggest you create a ticket about it here: :)

I've thought about it from time to time, but most of these services don't allow anonymous submissions via Tor anymore, and I prefer to leave as few fingerprints as possible in this day and age of Big Data-based deanonymization techniques and oversightless LEOs being allowed to access anything that's online (because it's "public") without a warrant (or even probable cause), etc.

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