I have started writing an article about XMPP. I will try to keep it as simple, non-technical and short as possible.

Do you have anything you want to see in the article or do you have any questions I should answer in it? Or anything else? Let me know! :)

@hund A list of clients with good XMPP support and that integrates properly with their platform (uses platform libraries, follows HIG, etc)?

Honestly, how to get non-technical people to use it. I want to use it, but can not get anyone to try it. It was a struggle even getting people to switch to Signal.

That it is an ietf standard and they have a requirement for at least 2 independent implementations before it gets accepted as a standard. And that it is a protocol, not an api.

@hund Does google hangouts actually use xmpp?

How complicated is the protocol? Compared to irc, gopher, 9p, etc. Is it a pain to implement?

How does it compare feature-wise to matrix and other alternatives?

@byllgrim @hund matrix is the way to go. Xmpp has gone virtually without change since Jabber required a company to pay to use it.

Matrix is what everyone pretends like xmpp is.

IRC is honestly to unweildy to use. Always has been. As well as sparsely populated.

I can’t speak to the others, but I understand gopher is suffering in the same ways as Xmpp and irc

@hund I'd like type shortest possible list of commands to save an account in profanity. With encryoted messaging as default Looked it up one time them totally forgot it, but I remember that the reading was far longer than it needed to be.

Also maybe a recommendation for a nice GUI app in case I can convince friends to join.

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