This week's whoops: Using Alpine Mail, there's a reset password option - I thought it was the password for my mail account, not the whole dang system. Didn't expect that in a mail program. Anyway, that was confusing, but I've reset my password to the right one that I won't forget, and now I know something new.

@cameron What made you go with Alpine and not Mutt/Neomutt?

Um, I knew it existed? I didn't find much conversation about one versus the other, and just wanted to try something. It's all new and clunky to me, so I'm open to suggestions. :)

@cameron I don't know much about Alpine at all. The one that came up the most for me some years ago was Mutt, so that's what I tried first and I never looked back.

Well. I did switch to NeoMutt a year or so ago. I can't remember why, but it had some feature that Mutt was lacking.

@hund Cool. I might give that a try, for the sake of comparison. Is that your main email client? It seems fun to use, but not sure how practical it is if you have to do attachments and stuff.

@cameron [2/2] A html attachment would open in my web browser and a PDF document would open in Zathura and so on. :)

It also uses my contacts from Khard, which is my adress book. Khard (and Khal) works with vdirsyncer (a tool that syncs all CalDAV and CardDAV data with my Nextcloud server.

That's fabulous. Thank you for such good info! Good inspiration for digging into CLI email.

@hund Cool. You're just my Linux Sensei at this point.

@cameron Wait a minute here.. Where did the first part go? :|

@cameron I think this is the missing part one (I recovered it from Vims undodir):

Yes it is. I have used it for a long time and there's nothing it can't do that any other client can.

When (not if) people send me stupid e-mails that's #!$@\($ formatted in HTML I just press `v` to open the attachment view. I then get a fancy list with all attachments, like included files as well as a plaintext and html version of the message itself.


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