@hund Don't you also need --embed-subs to embed them in the video?

@DashEquals @hund I expect that would, ultimately, depend on the container format that is used. Matroska is the most flexible container, and can easily hold both text-based and image-based (aka DVD) subtitles.

@techgeeknz @hund The ability to embed depends on the container, yes. But do embed at all, you need to use the --embed-subs flag.

@DashEquals @hund My apologies; I thought "embed", in this context, meant to permanently overlay the subtitles on the video

@techgeeknz @hund Ah, that makes sense. I was just referring to how to put the subtitle streams into the video file.

@DashEquals @hund Most media players should scan the directory for subtitle files with the same name as the video. This is what MPV does, so I don't bother with embedding.

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