So Rob Mink designed this tool changer which I am starting the process of building to add to my 3D printer. I am thinking of putting a laser as one of the heads. I think its pretty cool.


@hund you need to build a printer and that tool changer lol

@omnipotens I have no need for a 3D-printer. I haven't even found any use for regular document/photo printer. :thaenkin:

@hund project or cases or just fun knickknacks everyone can find a use lol. I am printing my some rubber duck fishing corks right now since I am going fishing this weekend and thought it would be funny to see a yellow rubber duck floating out in the river lol I have made custom phone cases and a phone cup holder. There is always something to print.

@omnipotens I'm a minimalist. I don't own or need many things. :)

À 3D printer may be used to repair stuff you already have :), or sometime extend it !

@azrael @omnipotens Thanks! I'm not sure what to print for them though. :)

I have seen beautiful keycaps and even cases on r/mk. Also boxes for travels and custom wrist supports that were really impressive. I think you can print all these kind of stuff with a printer provided by an association though, no need to own one :)

@azrael @omnipotens I've seen some pretty cool things! I'm just not sure I can go back to plastic cases though. :)

I have actually one thing that's 3D-printed. A switch house opening tool!

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