Alright, I have a little write-up for the Static Site / Static Blog Generator I have been using.

Bash Blog Rocks


@poetgrant Nice blog! It would be nice to see a responsive design. :)

@hund there is probably a way to do it with XHTML 1.0 strict, but when I was learning HTML I kinda glossed over that whole realm... hehehe

@poetgrant To my understanding, XHTML is something that flopped. It's something that no one talks about today. :)

@hund yes indeed. It would have been nice because it is a super strict standard... but people don't like super strict.

Also, I tried sending you a test message and Conversations complained about out of date OMEMO devices or something. Do I need to download some app for this?

@poetgrant We can't even handle any standard if you ask me. Just look at how many website's that doesn't work /without/ JavaScript.

It's exclusive and disrespectful against users with disabilities who can't use the web like most people.

@hund you are correct about that. I tend to believe in the anarchy of the web and the power that it holds. But this scourge of JS across all things is a tough and horrible invasion of unsafe programming.

One would think that making your website lean and mean would matter more, but JS has become the 'Flash' of 2001. 😃😃

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