"A brand new Huawei P30 Pro smartphone has been found to be sending queries and possibly data to Chinese government servers, without the user having signed up for any Huawei services, reported OCWorkbench." -

@hund keyword "possibly". Also, what qualifies as Chinese government servers?

@hund I can see how this might be a threat if you live in Taiwan. Living in Europe though i'm more worried about local governments + everything running on US Servers ^^

@hil The mindset that you have, that you have "nothing to hide" is a very dangerous mindset. It's that mindset that has put us in the boat we're currently in.

@hund Uh, i'm a strong fighter for privacy myself and i hide as much as i can as a principle. I just think that all of them are trying to harvest information they do not deserve or even need. Be it China, the NSA or the small supermarket around the corner trying to get my data in return for discount cards. Huawei to me is not a threat like Microsoft, FB or Google. To deal with that foreign-government-level of spying is not my level to solve.

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