Have anyone tried Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre?

It's apparently a long-term support simplicity-focused distribution based on Arch Linux with OpenRC to support the Init Freedom Campaign.


@pizzalovingnerd Yes. It also uses OpenRC instead of Systemd and it's a FOSS-distro, which means you will have a rough time if you want to use anything non-free like Nvidias own drivers.

@hund @pizzalovingnerd If it doesn't use systemd, perhaps I should install it on my computer where systemd uses 80% of it's CPU.

Hmmm, I wonder what the story is with this and Parabola? Seems likely they are related somehow but i'm not sure how.

@kelbot @hund They shared some developers, both are listed in #fsf, both based on #arch. You can also use openRC on parabola

So what is the argument for one over the other? What differentiates them?

@crodges @hund
I originally wanted to run parabola on my thinkpad but my WiFi chip is not free enough so haven't been able to yet. I may switch it out at some point.

@kelbot @hund I’m planning the same. Depending on the thinkpad model, you can flash #libreboot into it, and after that you can install a new atheros WiFi card with free software drivers.

@kelbot @hund The people behind Hyperbola are former Parabola contributors.

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