@hund Hah! This just made my morning. I'm a web dev, and Alexa sits in a basket with random wires / junk we've yet to throw out, so this list is right on the money.


The one of these that doesn't seem quite as bad to me is the smart lock. I mean, sure, it's not very secure, but then it's not like a standard mechanical lock is that secure either—and a regular house burglar seems more likely to have a mechanical lockpick with them than to be able to hack even a basic smart lock.

(Not that I have any, but then I'm not great about even locking my doors, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

@codesections @hund there are two kinds of people who break into houses: junkies and pros.

Pros aren't defeated by anything short of 24/7 armed guards, if the locks are too hard to pick they'll jimmy a window.

Junkies will just smash a window and try to get away before the cops show up...

What's the saying? Locks are for keeping honest people out.


Yeah, that's a better way of saying what I was getting at. And "smart locks" seem to be about as good at keeping honest people out as any other lock


@codesections @hund my main concern with smart locks is what happens during a power outage? They have batteries, but Murphy's Law dictates they're dead when you really need them.

I live in the boonies, so outages are fairly common here, it's something I need to plan for.

@kungtotte @codesections @hund I personally have a smart Lock and it allows me to still use the normal key in this case.

@hund I try to only surround myself with tech that suits my needs and not vice versa.
I've yet to find a /reasonable/ solution for smartphones though~

@Ayior Same here! I'm currently using a 3 year old Nexus 5X with Lineage OS without GApps. It's alright, but not 100% perfect. :)

@Ayior @hund Why? Do you need one? Are you want to be connected 100% all the time? Seriously people lived decades without smartphones and now they are Crazy! Wonder why.... (this comment is not about you btw, it's just my general observation about "smart devices").

@parasurv @hund @Ayior

Often Smartphones can be a way more useful tool than desktop computers or laptops. eg. for staying connected despite having a job that requires traveling. Also for a horrific huge number of unprivileged people a cheap #Android phone is the only affordable way to get connected to the internet.

@uniq thats why I use one, I'm using android atm. But its not the experience I would want from a smartphone, there are many things that bother me.
With android, much like Mac or Windows Desktops, I'm stuck using the thing the way the company wants me to use it, instead of Linux, where I'm free to change the behaviour of the OS to my needs. In short, there don't seem to be power user smartphones. Thats what I mean in the above post. (Still gotta try Custom Roms)

@Ayior actually Android phones give users way more freedom to customize than most others. eg. Fairphone2 comes with a lot of OS choises:

* official Android (default OS)
* #FaiphoneOpen (Vendor supported Android without Google Apps)
* #LineageOS (Community supported Android without Google Apps)
* @Ubports (Community supported Ubuntu Mobile)
* #SailfishOS (another Community Supported Linux based mobile OS)
* #PostMarketOS (Linux Distro for reviving old phones)


On #Android you can very simply install a custom launcher from @fdroidorg or #PlayStore to get a totally new look and feel. Some of those come with advanced theming options.

Advanced users can also do all sorts of low-level customizations using #Xposed Framework.

@uniq @Ayior @fdroidorg The main problem with android is that so many phones need roms specifically built for them. If you know that beforehand, that is already limiting the phones you can buy, and if you didn't good luck if your phone isn't supported by a custom rom.

@etchevef @Ayior @fdroidorg Right, but #Android is to date the only mobile platform open enough to even allow for custom ROMs. Would be unthinkable on an #iOS device.

And the sole reason why there are custom ROMs for a select few Android devices is because #Linux is #GPL licensed!

Thats my problem. Something that suits my software and hardware needs~


If I recall correctly @Fairphone is not available outside of Europe because of radio band regulations.

But #Fairphone2 is pretty old now and I'm hopeful they plan on expansion with their next device, while keeping all the good practices. Like a real commitment to ethical and long lasting design. And also to one of their amazing founding principle: "If you can't open it you don't own it."

@hund Very true. I still use a dumb-phone that I got used. It already has a colour display and crap camera, so newer than I'd want it to be. The 'work in IT' description is 100% accurate.
It's so funny how surprised 'normal' people are when I tell them.

@murks That's cool! I'm cautious as to what I add to my life these days. It's easy to live without things you never had in the first place, but it's harder to remove certain things, like a smartphone. :) But I have high hopes on real Linux phones soon.

@hund Hahah! This is so true! When you know too much, you understand why not to use certain stuff.

@douginamug @hund indeed 😀

I think having all the tech is ok when you own+control+understand it. I get a bit sad when tech itself is imbued with all the negative characteristics of how it can be used.

"Appropriate Technology" expreses this thing quite well --> lsa.colorado.edu/essence/texts

Maybe I'll read en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_Is too.

По этой же причине автоматчик не ставит дома ”умные дома“: знает им подлинную цену. 😃
@hund it was boosted for Russian-speaking auditory, sure. My answer means that automation personnel (such as me) nearly hates automation at there homes in same way as IT specialists in this post. Because they know its real price.

@hund my personal 1password is a paper notebook in my bookshelf. No one can remotely hack that.

@hugoestr Hm, why not just use a regular offline password manager? :)

@hugoestr No. AES is still unbreakable. Which I consider to be enough security for me. :)

@hund After reading this I found out my router is able to run OpenWRT and installed it. Now I wonder if it would also run Doom. I guess I live in both worlds.

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