I'm looking for a Markdown-plugin for Vim that 1) actually works and 2) doesn't slow down Vim like syrup on a cold Swedish winter night.

I've tried these two so far:

1. github.com/plasticboy/vim-mark
2. github.com/gabrielelana/vim-ma

Do you have any recommendations for me?

@hund emacs works wonderfully with markdown 😉

@bun I'm not into the self-harming thingy, sorry. :D

@hund I don't understand what you mean at all...

@hund For real though. I've been contemplating the switch for a while. And especially after switching to nixos and using nix-shells everywhere


@bun I can understand that Emacs has its place in the universe, but it's nothing for me. I want my editor to edit text, not make me toast or to be my secondary gaming platform. :P

@semordnilap @hund I really only use emacs for text editng. But elisp is just so amazing. To leave that behind for vim-script is the biggest hurdle for me...

That, and the fact that i already have an emacs config...

@bun @hund You're right! Honestly I use it only for text editing as well and sometimes to read reddit threads. Have you written any modes?

@semordnilap Actually no, but it's a great utility if you need some quick api fetcher or something. My config is quite extensive, if you wanna take a peek ;)


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