@hund I don't think the low profile key caps would be something for me, but the lighting would probably look nice with it.

@trawzified It's the Cherry ML switches. :) If you want a regular keyboard with RGB you have a lot more options.

@hund ML, weren't those one of the most hated switches? I'm quite satisfied with my boards right now, there's also still one on the way :P

@trawzified There's mixed feelings about them. I haven't tried them myself though. :)

@sm0g Linear switches are the best switches. ;)

@hund heavy linear maybe. I still like my Hako Trues the vest though.

@sm0g I like light ones. MX Red are to heavy for my delicate fingers. :D

@sm0g I have never tried Hakos though. I stick with the good old Gaterons. :)

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