Okay, so I just spent a huge amount of time reading correspondence from Poettering(systemd dev) to the debian team about a single tiny little script in systemd.

Why is systemd a thing? Their scripts make things endlessly complex. Little scripts double in size. Tiny C modules triple in size, just to account for the complexity of systemd.

What ever happened to the Unix Philosophy?

@poetgrant systemd exists because what came before it was even more terrible in many ways, despite the propaganda, consolekit was unmaintained, each package had their own spaghetti shell script instead of a uniform service file etc.

systemd's far from perfect, but looking at sysvinit with rose tinted glasses doesn't help either.

@MatejLach I think far from perfect is an understatement. The conflicts it has with kernel default by design just drive me completely nuts.

@poetgrant @MatejLach not using Slackware anymore? Systemd is a non issue

@tramtrist @MatejLach oh no I am, but I have Debian on my big machine and keep running into errors and recently found out that the errors are happening because of conflicts between kernel defaults and systemd defaults.

@hund I think I am going to bite the bullet and just install Slackware on my main rig. I love it on my laptop, but I have been too damn lazy to put it on my desktop which has multiple SSDs and a huge HDD. I haven't figured LiLo out enough to discriminate Hard drives yet. But I think it's time.

@poetgrant How about Gentoo? You get all the benefits with a fraction of the work.

@hund no slacker love from your camp?? 😃😃😃😃


@poetgrant I do! It's on my list of favourites, even though I would never use it myself. :) But you felt a bit reluctant of installing and maintaining it. :P

@hund true... but the good thing is... once it is on my system right I will only ever have to change anything once every 5-10 years... I am getting to be an old man in spirit and I just want things to work... Slackware is the only thing I have ever used that was truly like that.

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