There's apparently one brave person that currently maintains the project GNU IceCat, a project that unfortunately always lags behind.

So, if there's so little interest in that particular FOSS web browser, what is all the FOSSy people using?


The default browser in Trisquel is ABrowser, which is almost the same as IceCat but more up to date.

@hund Icecat is bloated. The librejs plugin doesn't work and most of the privacy/fingerprinting adaptations can be done in about:config in vanilla firefox.

@hund I use both a (hopefully) hardened version of Firefox and GNU Icecat. Less frequently, also Seamonkey and Lynx. And Tor Browser, of course.

@hund w3m, surf and qutebrowser.

Also random cli apps have replaced half the web, like Youtube-viewer and wikicurses.

@malin I have never heard of wikicurses. I have to check it out. :)

@malin @hund qutebrowser is great but webengine is evil and it doesn't work properly with WebKit anymore

@hund @malin qt webengine isn't specifically evil but since Microsoft edge is switching to webengine it will soon make up the vast majority of web traffic. Kinda spits in the face of the web being an open standard. Also google shouldn't have that much power

@cyrillico @malin That's a subject I've been discussing with myself. I'm not sure what to think about it.

The responsibility isn't really theirs, it's on those who's creating websites to follow the W3C standard.

@hund @malin yeah but why would you follow the standard if it got to where 99% of clients are using the same rendering engine? At that point your wasting time fixing bugs for firefox. It's not the developers responsibility either. It's everyones.

I tried Falkon a while back. Liked it but it's a bit simplistic.

@danielw2904 I use Falkon as a secondary web browser and I like it. It's very basic, but it's nice. :)

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