Speaking of search engines, what's everyones experience with the French standalone search engine Qwant?


@hund Hi, I use it a lot. Sometimes, I have to switch to google, but mostly satisfying results

Interestingly their Android app seems to be a Firefox fork.

@hund I like it. Its sometimes better than duckduckgo, but results are difficult to compare.

I've tested it but can't get used to it due their slowness.

@hund I tried switching around but I can't tell the difference in quality between Quant and ddg.

Google's maybe less practical as it warps per person, so you can't tell someone "it's the third result", and doesn't use keywords so much so you might not find what you searched for explicitly on the page, so that one's not great.

@hund “The only search engine that respects your privacy.” is that true?

@kmicu I guess it depends on how strict you are in regards to search engine vs meta-search engine. :thaenkin:

@hund Currently ddg is my daily driver. Alas annoys me more than helps.

I will try Qwant but that motto sounds a little bit ignorant/dishonest so I’m discouraged at the moment.

@kmicu DuckDuckGo is a nice service in itself, the issue I have with them is that they're hosted on the Amazon cloud and that the founder did some shady buisnesses in the past.

And yes, Qwants slogan is a bit.. not neutral? But if we only count actual search engines, they're the only one respecting your privacy. :)

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