@hund Oh I totally believe them especially given the fact that the guy who owns and runs it has been busted selling personal information in the past.

Browse with Tor and use the default window size always.

@K7ATR I knew about his past. I use Searx myself. :)

@hund @K7ATR I had trouble with Google results last time I tried using it. How is it now?

@joel @K7ATR That sounds like an issue related to the instance you where using. :)

@joel @K7ATR I use Searx.me, but I've been meaning to look for another one. Maybe it's something that LinuxRocks.Online should look into. :)

@rgggn @K7ATR He was into data mining. Data which he eventually sold for $10m to another shady company when his business was dying.

And on top of that, DuckDuckGo tracks you with two requests that calla home. They say it's for "improving" the service. Which I find weird considering their business.

Do you have more information regarding the founder?

@hund @rgggn

@K7ATR I'm all for using tor but damn it default window size is annoying. I use a display manager so it just leaves all this blank space. Yuck!

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