My new PCB has shipped and is on it's way. Exited Hund is exited!

It's the Sentraq S60-X and it's same one that I already have, but I like it and having the same for both keyboards means that I only have to maintain the source code for one board.

I'm exited to migrate to my new ISO-UNIX-layout as well. :)

@chozron Alt. The Super is at a very awkward place so I have never used it for anything. :)

@hund Three Fn keys? What do you need 3 for on this board?

@trawzified The upper left on is for the numpad and macros, the one on Caps Lock is the main one which activates arrow keys, Insert, Home, F1/12 and all those keys. The right one is new, I'm not entirely sure what to put on it yet. :)

@hund Ah like that. Does the one on Caps Lock only work when you hold it or something? Since you also have Esc on there. Looks like a nice board :)

@trawzified With QMK you can do a lot of things, like having a key do one thing when you tap it and another thing when you hold it. :)

@hund That's giving me idea's for the Planck layout :) I already set up QMK, but still need to change the keybindings. How exactly did you program that? I'm not familiar with C at all

@trawzified I edit the code myself and I'm not a programmer, but the docs is good. But they now also have a GUI for it[1].

I would highly recommend reading the documentation regarding advanced keycodes[2], there's a lot of cool features. :)


@hund Interesting! I'm thinking of hold for right shift, tap for enter :) I use both so that will be quite useful. Currently creating a layout with that first link, thanks!

@trawzified And yes, it's really nice! Once you try the QMK firmware there's no going back. :D

@Unairedspecifics I tried really hard to like the ANSI-Enter, but it doesn't makes sense to me. My pinky cramps when I use it.

@VikingKong It is. :) I can't ever imagine using a regular keyboard by now.

What is the status of this board? Looks very nice! Are you going to have printed or blank keycaps?

@istvan I'm waiting for my PCB that the postal service forgot that they have or something.. :/ I'm just rebuilding my current keyboard with mostly the same parts. So it will look the same but with this layout. :)

I will let someone more experienced desolder my old PCB since I don't have any good equipment for it. And when that's done I'm going to put it in my secondary keyboard. :)

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