Was just looking at the Sent folder of one of my email accounts. I've sent 24 emails from that account this year. Seems to me my email has become a secondary means of communication.

@mike Interesting. Even though I write much more on Telegram than on email these days, I still write a ton of emails. Almost zero of them are personal communication though, they're almost all either related to KDE or to my freelance work.
If I had an account purely for personal stuff, I probably wouldn't have sent more than 24 emails from that one this year, either.

@colomar I think that's where things went sideways for me. I deal with a lot of email at work. Hundreds a day. I reply to maybe 30-50 of those. When I'm not working, I just don't want to do that. Oddly, of the 24 messages I DID send, at least a quarter were to myself just to transfer something really quick, so even 24 is stretching things when you really look at it.


@mike Check out Shaarli. It's a lightweight flat-file no-database linklog.

I used to send e-mail messages to myself with things to check out later. Then in found Shaarli and I haven't looked back since then. :)


@hund Interesting. You run your own instance or is there public ones that you can sign up to?

@mike I run my own. It's as easy as unpacking the archive and making a fancy virtual host for it. :)

I have used shaarli before and liked it. But once I got my Nextcloud server going I switched to Nextcloud Bookmarks.

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