"How Microsoft uses biometric profiles to track & de-anonymize Windows 10 users with various third party services"

@fatboy It's crazy how much we accept these days.

@hund I agree. My question to you, however, is, let's say we do not accept this. What can we do about it?

Let's burn this mofo to the ground.haha

@fatboy The most realistic thing is to not use it at all, which I know is not possible for all even if they wanted to.

We need to be better at educating people about free and open source software, why it matter to them as a ordinary regular user, in some context that makes sense for them.

Maybe? Unless I'm being very naive.

@hund I'm with you on this. I constantly preach FOSS software and that one would only obtain privacy using Linux or BSD

@hund I'm curious about the educating people part, because this issue comes up a lot here.

Is there more awareness in Europe about this sort of thing? Because, in my part of the world, no one seems to care, not even technical people.

Whenever I talk about this stuff, people are just so bewildered, I get no reaction, makes me question myself :) I'm sure there are others, but probably very far apart from each other.


@chozron @fatboy I think a lot of techies are aware of what it does to them today, but that it comes down to short term convenience.

Humans are not known for thinking two steps ahead of them. Just look at how the Internet and its security is designed or how well global warming is going for us.

@chozron @hund I think the most effective way of educating people about Linux is to increase their exposure to it.
Give them a crapbook with Linux on and let them use it. Also, one needs to install FOSS programs in their Windows machines beforehand, so that the only variable is the OS itself

I was watching a video about privacy recently. It said that unlike what you'd expect, people were actually much more worried about privacy earlier. When telephone was popularized, people were scared that somebody would listen to them all the time, that they'll be intercepted and other worries along the same line. But now people hardly care.
For us, convenience has taken the top priority while privacy has taken a back seat.

Which is a shame btw. I'm sure people in some parts of the world might be more aware when it comes to privacy and security but where I am from, nobody really cares.
"I've done nothing wrong so I have nothing to hide and nothing to worry about" is the common consensus. And it maddens me.
If people I talk to most of the times don't care about it, it affects me too indirectly and sometimes directly.

@aniket Who knew, there was hope for us once then. :D I have always thought that the evolution with how we use tech in our everyday life has always been to fast for our own good. People are most of the time more or less forced to use tech they don't understand and sometimes don't even want to use in the first place.

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