Once every century or so, I manage find a wallpaper that actually matches my desktop.


@hund ncdu, never heard of it but that's a nice alternative to baobab!

@hund Did you put that ncdu there just to please me? 😆

Those terminal colors make some of the text pretty hard to read, though.

@ayo Or.. did I do it to nag you about fixing the colours? ;)

@hund Good point, and it's exactly for that reason why it's not enabled by default - terminal colors aren't easy to get right.

I was expecting I'd only need two color schemes (dark and white bg - the latter I haven't taken the time to implement yet because who uses black-on-white terminals? :P), but with such customisations I might need more.

@ayo The best approcach would probably be to use a config and let users define the colours themselves. :)

@hund On one hand I'd agree, on the other hand, that's a fair amount of complexity in order to be able to customize a tool you're likely to only use once in a blue moon when your disk is getting full.

ncdu is supposed to be a simple "it's there when you need it" tool, not intended to need much customization.

@ayo Thank you so much for that attitude. I love ncdu even more now. 😻

@hund it looks very nice. with your resolution it must be hard to find any wallpaper. i used to match my colors to wallpaper, but now i am using mostly minimal black wallpapers, so everything can stay my favorite amber on black

@fey Thanks! It is, but wallpapers is more of a novelty thing than anything else since I pretty much never see it anyway.

It can never go wrong with black. :) You should show your desktop as well! It's always fun too see what other people have.

@fey It's pretty! :) I've tried bspwm a few times, but I can't make sense out of dynamic window managers. :P

@hund there is nothing to make sense of for me, it is intuitive. i tried i3 twice, thinking i should like this, but i don't know how to use static window managers :D bspwm is really great, i used dwm for some years and monsterwm for some time too, but now i am the most content

@hund ffey (be cautious, there are my embarrassing attempts at art )

@hund really impressed your running Gentoo - i tried to install 20 years ago and after hours of setup the kernel failed on me. Never got to the desktop. Looks like a great setup you have for yourself!

@co5ta Thank you! A good way to get going with Gentoo is to use the genkernel, so you get a generic kernel up and running very easily with minimal effort.

And later when you have a working setup you can tinker with a custom kernel if you feel adventures. :)

@hund hmmm i should give it a go again... perhaps i can download a iso and play on virtualbox...

i am running Ubuntu - yes i know a kiddy os :S

@co5ta It's a lot of fun to tinker with!

All distros are equal. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. The Ubuntu family is a great option for a lot of people and for a lot of things. I use Ubuntu on my server myself. :)

@hund quite interesting its your distro of choice for server...

I use linux largely because all of my serves are debian/raspian and so its easier to just use all debian based. - laziness ;

@co5ta It's been around for a long time. If I were to install something new it would probably be Devuan today.

Okey. :) Debian is a great choice! Except for that Systemd thingy. ;)

@Kevin I havent tried it. I've been using the Solarized colours for 4-5 years now. :)

@hund This guy rocks the Solarized colors too, and I kinda like his background.

@Kevin And I like the sound of clicky switches, but they drive me nuts if I have to use one myself. :D

@hund I love my mechanical keyboard - can't live without it now. Been using it for about 3 years, and the sound is just part of my environment now (like my loud PC fans). 😅 I did just order sound dampener rings for the keyboard though, so I'll see how that goes.

@Kevin I like my mechanical keyboards as well. But I'm a linear fanboy though! :)

What keyboard do you have?

O-rings? I've never tried those, but I've tried both sound dampening clips and Cherry MX Silent switches. But it gets too silent for me. I know that probably sounds weird. :P

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