Both my BIOS and GRUB looks like this. Everything works just fine once X is started. I have no idea whats wrong?

@hund First two things that spring to my mind are display config problems or a framebuffer issue, but as I am currently learning, I don't know enough about Gentoo to diagnose anything.

Does the problem persist outside of GRUB before the X session starts?

@blackernel As I said, I have the issue in BIOS as well. :)

@hund Oh $#!7, sorry I missed that bit.

If it's in the BIOS, it has to be a firmware level issue. I've had experience changing the CMOS battery and it helping a graphical glitch in my BIOS, but in general that's way outside of my wheelhouse, sorry.

@blackernel No worries. ;) I'll have to investigate it some day. It's quite the annoying glitch.

@hund Maybe check your monitor. Sometimes I've seen a monitor show strange artifacts until you hit the "rescan" button or whatever it's called on your monitor or when the resolution changes. Since X is working, it makes me think that it's probably not your video card or bios that is causing the issue. I would think that would at least cause problems for starting your X session.

@hund Have you tried this auto align feature that most monitors have?

@hund Unless you dual boot, just hide grub completely.

@chozron I don't want to sweep the issue under the rug, I want to solve it! :)

@hund only that monitor, or others as well? And has it always been like that, or is it a new issue?

@dnkl It's all monitors, they're all the same though. And it's a fairly new issue.

@hund looks like it's either firmware (bios) or the graphics card then. Except that it's a new issue... Unless you've recently switched card, or upgraded bios?

@dnkl Nope. It's all very old and untouched. :)

@hund of this is not on board, try removing and reinstalling the card.

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