Now they just need to come with a free mini SPARC system, lol

@omnipotens It's about quality. The looks is very stylish and discrete. The enthusiasts don't want their keyboard to look like a spaceship. :)

@hund Who says LOL I want mine to look like something from 100 years into the future haha.

@hund Tell me you wound not want to rock this haha

ha ok maybe not practical but sure be fun.

@omnipotens Haha! It's cool, but it looks like a spaceship and everything regarding comforts and ergonomics just went out of the window with that keyboard. :P

@hund Sometime you need to have stuff with no purpose but still fun lol

@omnipotens They still produce them, but under the name Unicomp for obvious reasons. They could only buy the tools from IBM, not the name. :)

But the original Model M is not super hard to find either, but they can be pricey, especially if you want the space saving model.

But modern high quality keyboards is very good as well. :)

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