Why do people find it so offensive when you don't like their coffee?

They wouldn't take offence if they offered you Coca Cola and you said you only like Pepsi.

So why is coffee any different?

@hund Because motherfuckers have fragile feelings left and right 😂

@hund Because soda is crap, but my espresso is the nectar of the gods? 😉

@tfb I would assume you buy quality coffe then as well? :P

@hund Well sure. But I think people who don't, don't realize that they're not buying the good stuff, so they might not have a very different attitude ;)

@hund because its made by them and can differ depending on how it was made? Not much but its like you making me a cheese sandwich. Its an effort you made for me with choices you made. Not many and you didn't make any of the base ingredients so me going "I don't like your sandwiches" shouldn't affect you, but it does.

So I eat the sandwich, say "thank you" and never ask for another one.

@ohyran I most of the time say no to coffee straight away. I would never tell them that their coffee sucks. :)

Asking them for which brand they have is offensive, is the weird part I don't get? I kindly reject brands I don't like, why is that a no no?

Another issue is that most people know how much I love my coffee and I almost never drink coffee when I'm out. People find that offensive, because it's not hard doing the math.


Well - because you are taking a common custom, a ritual of guest/host and adding demands on them as hosts which you have no right to claim.
Why not go "no" or just take your chances and drink three sips of crap coffee and then "forget" the mug?

@ohyran That's my point. Why is one expected to like every brands of coffee? Why is coffee different from tea or soda? :)

@hund You're not expected to like it, you're expected to either accept or deny what is offered.
And we (you, me, other swedes) have specific word for it, its after funerals, many workplaces have a unique break for it.

Plus its all contextual and how you say it. I mean a friend of mine drinks this really horrid German kind coffee I don't like and I have never had an issue declining it OR for that matter politely taking a sip and just keep talking instead.

@hund haha. I don't drink coffee at all, and people find that even more offensive :)

@hund @chozron
Damn, just put away my heretic burning kit and now this shows up

@dontfearthekeyboard @chozron @architect You must have tried bad (which is sour) coffee then. Freshly brewed quality coffee from newly roasted beans that you grinded just before brewing the coffee taste like heaven!

@hund @chozron @architect It's been every coffee I've tried: Cappuccino, McDonalds, various specialty blends at different coffee houses, ground and brewed by friends. Never mattered. The only time I like the flavor is in a porter. Love the smell, though.

@dontfearthekeyboard @chozron @architect Whatever McDonald's serves is not coffee. Coffee shops rarely ever serves good coffee either, it's mediocre at best.

We have three places in the whole Sweden who serves good coffee and they're all the same company.

Yep, that's how uncommonly good coffee actually is. :)

@hund @dontfearthekeyboard @chozron
It's surprisingly easy to make good coffee though, if you take the time to look into it.

If you haven't yet, maybe try a brew made with robusta beans, it has a distinctly different flavor from the usual arabica stuff, and packs more of a punch too.

Otherwise, I'm sorry you can't enjoy in the best drink since alcohol was discovered.

I can see it being taken personally if they have a specific method and brand for their coffee that you don't like, as that can be similar to disliking a snack or other similarly light meal/beverage that is prepared, but it's silly to be hurt that people don't enjoy the same things you do

@hund snobbery, I guess :( ps. I'm sure you make amazing coffee :)

@hund "They wouldn't take offence if they offered you Coca Cola and you said you only like Pepsi."

You've obviously never been to Atlanta, Georgia. They take their Coca Cola VERY seriously.

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