It always surprises me how much time it goes into installing and configuring a new installation of a operative system, even when you have the configurations ready for everything major.

@hund could be worse, you could be using Windows!

At least with *nix there's tools and scripts to help you streamline things :)

@kungtotte I prefer doing most of the things myself. :)

@hund I found the Manjaro Architect installer really pleasant to use. By selecting some packages (notably my terminal and WM) I had a mostly complete system up and running right after installing, and now I keep a copy of my currently installed packages so I can pipe those into pacman and everything sorts itself out :)

Dotfiles are on a separate home partition so they don't get wiped, and even so I have YADM to retrieve them from GitLab with :)

@hund What are you installing? I wrote scripts to install my packages, copy dotfiles etc. Makes a reinstall a lot faster.

@trawzified Half of the universe. :P The first days with a fresh install is like "Let's do X. Right, I need Y". But to install Y you need Z, but you forgot how to set up Z so you look it up, only to get distracted by cat videos and to realize that you don't have audio. So you install W and then remember you never built that cool tool for W and then 5 hours later realise it's the middle of the night and that you have work the next day.

@hund Haha, can relate to this except for the no audio part.

@hund So you've set up a new installation of Gentoo? How long did it take to compile everything?
I might want to give it a try on my lappie :D.

@Ghosty Yes. My dd backup didn't work so I decided to start fresh. The install doesn't take long, but things like qtwebengine takes 6 months to compile. :)

@hund that experience is diametrically different in declarative distros like NixOS or GuixSD.

It’s basically:
1. Here is a file describing how my system should look like.
2. Make it so.
3. Thank you very much.


@hund What stage of Gentoo do you use? Because, depending on which one, changing that could speed up the process quite a bit. :P

@hund I've pulled a list of all my software and made an automatic backup script for my configs. I'm going to see if I can go from Ubuntu to Arch without changing anything.

I take it this is brazen naivite then?

@hund I install 16 systems at least once a day. Works fine for me:-)

@hund well, I can't upgrade, so there is no way around doing fresh installs:-)

Everything is immutable or on a tmpfs (with the exception of /home or some folders in /bar).

@hund That's where scripts come into play. Write one as you install the OS, or draft a doc of steps, then you have a template for the next one.

@hund that depends on what you mean

I'm impressed at how quick an Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora installation is these days, getting you to a perfectly functional system within a few minutes

However, setting up the system exactly the way you want it can indeed take a while

@romaacuterio I think I failed English there a bit. What I meant was the installation of packages, not the system itself.

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