Nice! I can't wait for a good hot swap 60% board that supports KVM! I'm gonna have Cherry MX Blues and blank PCB keycaps. Nobody else will be able to use my computer then :D Throw i3 in the mix, then even if someone managed to log in, they wouldn't be able to even launch applications :D No need for encryption haha :D Best security by obscurity :D

@istvan @hund I have blank keycaps with a Dvorak layout, good luck for anybody to type something that make sense on it :D

@istvan I'm hoping that the one Sentraq is working on is turning out good. :)

It sounds like a fun keyboard! Blanks is very convenient and affordable. And QMK is a must have! :)

Haha, I don't think that most would be use it anyway, regardless of the keyboard. :P

@hund really nice. I don't get people using a full size keyboard. Full size keyboard makes it difficult to align to the centre of the screen and moves the mouse in the next room. Lots of long term issues. If I need to type lots of numbers, I use an external numpad.

@benoitj I can understand why people prefer them, but as you said, having the pointing device in the next room is very inconvenient. :)

I have a bumped on a second layer myself.

@hund get a trackball and remove that mousepad as well :)

@chozron The only thing I use the mouse for is games and Gimp. :)

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