A new version of my favourite privacy friendly web browser called Privacy Browser for Android has just been released.

It blocks JavaScript, cookies and all other goodies by default and it supports both global and per-domain settings for everything you can think of, like JavaScripts, trackers and cookies.

It makes browsing the modern web on my 3 year old phone actually decently fast.


And it's available via @fdroidorg. :)

@rick_777 @fdroidorg Someone on F-Droid needs to build and publish the package first, so they'll always lag behind a bit. :)

@hund @fdroidorg can it block images as well? That's a feature missing for me in Firefox Klar/Focus

@hund @fdroidorg

I tried this browser out a month or so ago and really how smooth and fast it was, the UI(like the address bar at the bottom, just makes so much more sense on a modern phone with a big screen).

Unfortunately it seems like it's using Google's Web View and you can't turn off WebRTC (unless you turnoff java as well but that breaks too many sites) making it leak your IP if you use a VPN. Which makes it less than ideal as a privacy browser to me. Hopefully they will address this.

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