Great! The Swedish store just scammed me on 1700 SEK (≈280 USD) for a Ryzen 5 2400G that they damaged and then blame me for it.

My forum post in Swedish if you care to read about it:

@hund That really sucks, no possible chargebacks either?

@trawzified No, it's damaged so they're sending it back.

@hund Other question, have you tried the 65g and 67g Zealios? If so, which one did you prefer?

@trawzified I have one of each, 62g, 65g, 67g and 87g.

I'm not a tactile person and I like very light switches. I use 60g springs in my switches. :D But I know that most seems to think that the 67g version is the best one.

I hope it helped. :)

@hund @trawzified +1 on light keys. My muscle memory thinks it is amazing.

@benoitj @hund Well, 62g is not an option on massdrop and everybody's saying that 65g is the 'meh' middleground so I will order it with 67g's :) thanks for the feedback

@hund @benoitj Depends on the switch, case, keycaps etc. I will go with the mid pro grey case, zealio 67g's, blank XDA PBT keycaps and a nice travel bag for $170

@benoitj I know, did my research :) What board is that? Preonic?

@trawzified @benoitj It can get a bit confusing with all the 1U, you fit more keys in the same space. :)

@benoitj @hund Spacebar looks more than small enough for me at 2u. I think the biggest change is going to be the size of shift, spacebar, backspace and enter.

Just remember to configure it to meet your needs and update the layout as you progress. It is difficult to get it right the first time


@hund did you read this:

So yeah; there *is* a problem.

(Though might not help with the case against webhallen...)

@dnkl They acknowledged that as well, so that's cool. But then this crap.. We'll see what happens. :/

@hund this is really bad. I predict with this such aweful customer service that they will go out of business.

@benoitj Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that this kind of service will have no impact on their sales. They're too big.

@hund it’s a long shot but do you have any buyers protection from the payment provider? Could be worth raising an issue with them.

@melentye We have all kinds of protections and all that. But since this is words against words and the +6 months old item got damaged at them or at transportation to them, I'm screwed. :(

@hund You could get a Ryzen 2400G for about 179€ from conrad or amazon or whatever you have

Ohh noo :-(! That's horrible. Just send me their physical address and I'll go make them sorry with my jiu jitsu skills :-P

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