This new EDA software called LibrePCB looks promising.

@hund Wow, it's like KiCad but it makes sense! Do you think it looks mature enough to use yet?

@gbrnt That's nice! I'm just a mere beginner at this, I wouldn't know. :)

@hund Looks interesting, but I'm not convinced by this kind of antagonistic phrasing

@hund Yeah, I know, I've seen horrible things in FOSS software and message boards
I really wish it wasn't like that, but for some reason the FOSS community likes to appear rude and disgusting

@gaeel Rude and disgusting? We must hang in very different circles. :) Would you mind giving some examples?

@hund Well, a lot of the Linux mailing list for instance

@gaeel That's a place I never hanged around on. I have always been an IRC user myself. :)

@hund it looks OK, but fails to explain why it exists. It looks more or less like kicad. Competition is good, but adoption needs more than it's description.

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