"it’s really not that different to advertisers looking at your browsing history."
And what the heck do they have to do with my browsing history? The article is really interesting (hence I boosted your toot), but I strongly disagree with its conclusion: "It’s not ideal, but I don’t think it poses an immediate threat to most people." It's a definite threat to our privacy – unless we've conciently opted in to that. I don't remember ever having been asked to.

@IzzyOnDroid I agree. His conclusion is a bit worrying, it's never something that we should have to accept.

@hund ah, now I get it. The conclusion was sarcasm, and meant to say: "most people don't care anyway". That would sadly be true.

@hund I don't know if it was really meant that way. But only this way it makes sense to me in that context.

@hund Shame about the reassuring ending. I can't believe people listen to this and don't imagine what a bad actor might do with this information or how the incoming information can be altered.

@malin I agree, it's weird how some just accept the unacceptable. :/

@hund I’m having a difficult time believing Apple gives apps free rein to process all audio that is recorded and discarded while waiting for a “hey Siri”. It just makes no sense

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