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"Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner's mum"

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I turned of all notification sounds on my phone last year and it surprised me how big of a stress factor it had become without me even realising it. I'm really happy I tried it and there's no way I'm ever enabling any notification sounds again.

Here's a screenshot of my current desktop running Gentoo with Herbstluftwm.

Richard Stallman refused to be a guest at the netcast
Late Night Linux because they don't want to call it the "Late Night GNU/Linux".

I was having issues with the mouse appearing after switching workspaces and modifying a client in Herbstluftwm, so I replaced unclutter with unclutter-xfixes and it solved the issue for me. :)

I finally figured out how to use Conky with dzen. I found like 999 ways of doing it and I got it to work after about 958 failed attempts.

"China will ban people with poor ‘social credit’ from planes and trains" –

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How can this end badly? /s

"7-Eleven is bringing facial-recognition technology pioneered China to its 11,000 stores in Thailand" –

LinuxRocks.Online doesn't work for me in qutebrowser, I only get a blank page with the background colour . Other instances work though. Am I the only one with issues?