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With permission from the owner of LinuxRocks.Online I created a complementary IRC-channel called (at Freenode) for the awesome people who likes IRC.

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I got the brilliant idea to use my jacket as a background for a (hopefully) better looking photo of my keyboard. :)

I'm looking to buy my first laptop, but they're all flawed. They're either ugly or too {heavy,weak,strong,expensive}. I want something that's fairly light and portable, have decent battery life and a good ~13" screen. Decent CPU is a plus but not a deal breaker since I'm not going to do any heavy lifting with it. Think average student budget. Any recommendations?

Sometimes the wording is just very unfortunate in Linux: "urxvt: unable to exec child."

"Purism launches Librem Key, the first and only security key to offer tamper evident protection to laptop users" -

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I noticed that you can /finally/ (once again) swap the buttons in LineageOS. No more constant reaching for the most use button.

One of the perks with living in a small country is the shipping times. Even with free shipping it usually never takes more than 24 hours between you placing the order until you have the package in your hand.

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Like podcasts? @ChrisWere started a new one:

It's pretty great so far, can't wait for the next episode

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

When I record desktop audio via ALSA it sounds like complete garbage. I've spent hours on the web trying to figure it out.. :(

I didn't expect to find this in Gentoo.

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This is why you shouldn't use most Google services, specifically, Android:

Google developer admits to remotely changing phone settings for thousands of users

I'm sorry for the lack of linebreaks in the last post, I wrote it in a fullscreen Vim so I didn't think about it. :)

It's funny that Arch boots in 3 seconds, but requires another 15 seconds before the keyboard to start working, while Gentoo boots in 9 seconds and the keyboard works right away. This has been an issue for me with Systemd for as long as I can remember. Do anyone know anything about it? I really don't care about the boot time, but the bug is several years old now.

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