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I decorated my computer with something I made at work today. :gentoo:

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I sometimes feel bad for not following that many people here. I know there's a lot of fun and interesting people out there to follow, but part of the reason I'm into minimalism is because I get very easily distracted by pretty much everything. It can be very stressful at times and 'less' helps me with that.

So. If I don't follow you I hope you don't feel offended or anything. :)

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I like it when even Cloudflare starts to de-Google-ify.

"We recently migrated from Google's reCAPTCHA to the independent hCaptcha. It helps address a privacy concern inherent to relying on a Google service..."

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A new release of tut!

* It's configurable (colors, default image/video/audio viewer & default timeline)
* The feed will now update automatically.
* Support for tags
* Support for viewing profiles
* Support for viewing notifications

AUR package

According to WHO about 8 million deaths occur globally and yearly due to air pollution.

Some (no source) even say that the Corona-virus in the end will save more life's than it will cause deaths. It's a little side effect of the fact that we currently can't kill ourselves and our planet as fast as we're used to with our flights to fancy vacations and our overconsumption of things we don't need.

I think it's worth thinking about if we want a future for ourselves and our future generations.

The LinuxRocks XMPP-server is temporarily closed for public registration. If you want an account let me know and I'll fix it. This is a temporary solution to the users who's flooding the server with spam accounts.

If you have any ideas how to solve this issue let me know.

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I'm back with the KISS launcher. It feels more efficient and there's less things to distract me now.

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We're sorry, Zoom is becoming a bit of a punching bag - but, like Facebook, they choose their own business practices and we all can disagree with those questionable choices. So do SpaceX and NASA... They have banned the use of Zoom.

I have had plans on learning how to make my own custom cables for some time now. I guess it's a good time to start when you accidentally step on your the custom cables you already own.

What would you recommend me if I was looking for a libre, secure and easy to use tool for video chat suitable for elders and/or non technical users?

It must support all major platforms, both on computers and smartphones.

@fdroidorg Was Librechair removed from F-Droid? Or did it never exist from the beginning?

"Messages for package www-client/firefox-bin-74.0-r1:

Upstream operates a service named Normandy which allows Mozilla to push changes for default settings or even install new add-ons remotely. While this can be useful to address problems like 'Armagadd-on 2.0' or revert previous decisions to disable TLS 1.0/1.1, privacy and security concerns prevail, which is why we have switched off the use of this by default [...]"

Thanks Gentoo! Perhaps I should look for another secondary web browser.

Did you know that the word "blog" is short for "weblog"?

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My newest video is on the topic of upgrading the #Linux kernel in #Gentoo, which is not a straightforward process if you are a first-timer. Check it out!

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