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The public registration is (for now) closed for the LinuxRocks.Online XMPP server. If you want an account, let me know and I will help you with it.

This is due to some bot that will keep creating spam accounts if I leave it open. I'm not sure how to solve this. Any ideas and help is highly appreciated.

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I got the brilliant idea to use my jacket as a background for a (hopefully) better looking photo of my keyboard. :)

I'm rocking just one monitor now. The endless pain of me never being able to deicide.. The pros and cons of 3 vs 1 monitor is all over the place.

What other options is there for secure calls other than Ring/Jami and Nextcloud Talk? I've tried both and they were both buggy.

It's Friday so I'm playing Okänt on a unhealthy volume.

It's nice to feel the bass in the chest when listening to metal. It makes me feel young agin. :P

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Hey there !

We made a first testing release for version 3.5, and are looking for people to give us feedback 😋 !

For now, it essentially contains many fixes and improvements for UX, security and general robustness :blobcatcoffee:. It also includes many new stuff for our devoted application packagers 📦 🐒. (In parallel we are also reworking some aspects of our quality control and the whole official app classification!)

More info inside the release note :thinkerguns: !

I really wish it would correct my grammar as well. :P

I really wish Mastodon allowed you to edit image captions for published posts. I always forget to add one. :(

Spoiling myself with a Chai Latte and a mini brownie. :)

"We have been awarded €2 million from the EU to further develop the Proton ecosystem" –

Is there a XMPP-client for Android that lets you schedule messages?

I sat down with the LinuxRocks.Online XMPP server once and for all. Sending files finally works now. :)

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If you're still using NoScript, I highly recommend checking out uMatrix as a replacement.

uMatrix is a flexible and more advanced resource blocker allowing you to enable or reject CSS, images, cookies, scripts, media, and more across multiple domains.

#firefox #umatrix #noscript #freesoftware #privacy

I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I've been considering to not buy any more coffee (beans) lately. I don't feel it's worth the cost and effort I have to put into it.

It feels like I have taken it too far and there's no going back to 'regular' coffee with just a regular cheap coffee brewer.

Going full time with ecological and fair trade tea sounds a lot simpler and effortless. :)

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