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I sometimes feel bad for not following that many people here. I know there's a lot of fun and interesting people out there to follow, but part of the reason I'm into minimalism is because I get very easily distracted by pretty much everything. It can be very stressful at times and 'less' helps me with that.

So. If I don't follow you I hope you don't feel offended or anything. :)

I created a server with WordPress and it was fun playing with it, I'm not just sure that it's something for me though. I probably don't I need any commenting system anyway, no one's probably reading my boring blog. :D

I just noticed that the Devuan installer let's you choose between SysVInit and OpenRC now. OpenRC is still marked as experimental, but I'm looking forward to it and I hope they're making it the default in the future.

I'm considering giving WordPress a second chance. I like Jekyll, but I miss the social aspects with comments.

My VPN-provider Integrity VPN rolled out their support for Wireguard the other day. I just installed the Wireguard-client on my phone and it was ridiculously easy to setup. I imported a text file and I could then instantly connect.

@joacim Jag lyssnar på avsnitt 184. Ni pratar om Jekyll och jag vill bara säga att du inte ska köra gems med sudo eller som root, det är bara din användare som gäller; `gem <action> --user`.

Sedan förstår jag inte problemet med att få det att fungera med olika projekt. Har du kanske låst projekten till specifika versioner av gems? Antingen fungerar Jekyll på alla eller inga projekt. Men jag har dock aldrig använt mig av andras projekt som grund för något, de flesta är rätt bloat.

It looks like I'm buying new switches. Err, pink switches. Well, who cares, as long as they're smooth! They're also reasonable priced as well! :)

I'm currently trying out the search engine Ecosia. It's the privacy respecting search engine that plant trees.


Thanks to @simon for recommending it! It looks good so far. :)

"Saying you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is as selfish as saying you don’t care about people being hungry, because you’re not."

I'm not really sure what search engine to use anymore. Startpage was bought by some ad company and I really don't want to use it anymore.

Any recommendations other than Startpage, Searx, DuckDuckGo and Qwant?

I'm considering going with a 65% sized keyboard as my first project. It's cheaper to build, less commercial competition and.. 80% and above doesn't make sense anyway. ;)

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How to make your C codebase rusty: rewriting keyboard firmware keymap in Rust · houqp #keyboards #Rust
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Gonna be a tough month so I thought I'd do some commissions for the fediverse.

Anyone want some 10 Euro sketch/drawing commissions from me in my style?

It looks like a lot of people like backlighted keyboards according to my previous poll[1].

Is backlighted legends important or are the aesthetics more important for you?

Backlighted legends means literately no options and poor quality and I don't want to offer anything buy quality.


What's your preferred keyboard size for your main keyboard (that's also programmable)?

Image showing the physical sizes:

I'm collecting data for a future project. Please don't mind the ISO-layout in the example images, it's not relevant here.


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