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With permission from the owner of LinuxRocks.Online I created a complementary IRC-channel called (at Freenode) for the awesome people who likes IRC.

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I got the brilliant idea to use my jacket as a background for a (hopefully) better looking photo of my keyboard. :)

I just placed an order on a new USB-cable with the Gecko paracord. It should match my blank artisan. :)

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Cool. There's a new #activitypub platform for blogging called #plume, meant to be an alternative to #medium. This could be a pretty big deal, because it means orgs can go all in on the #fediverse. They can have a #mastodon/#pleroma acct for quick communication and host their blog on plume instead of medium and all of it will federate, so users can choose how to follow and communicate with them.

Mastodon could get their blog off medium and @deadsuperhero can get #wedistribute onto the fediverse.

There's a fresh and very promising open source alternative to Instagram that's called @pixelfed. It's not only decentralized but it's also federated via ActivityPub. :)

@jason You have so many accounts it's confusing. :linus:

@artixx Btw, regarding your bio: :linus: :stallman:

Here's a picture with some of the more common (physical) keyboard layouts. I made it for someone who was looking for a smaller keyboard, so why not share it here as well.

Some layouts are displayed with the ISO-layout, but they're available with the ANSI-layout as well.

Fullsize view:

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Webdesign (including fonts) got so bad that there's actually a "reader mode" in browsers now that makes sites look like they did 20 years ago
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This is very disappointing to see. The screenshot shows "You're ready to go!", followed by "You can use 'Software' to install apps like these:". The apps they list, in left-right top-down order, are: VLC (free), Skype (non-free), Spotify (non-free), Slack (non-free), Discord (non-free), Corebird (free), Mailspring (free), GIMP (free), Minecraft (non-free), Android Studio (non-free), Ora (non-free), Notepad-Plus-Plus (free), Tusk (free), Brave (free), and IDEA Community (free).

That is 8 free and _7 non-free_. Also in the screenshot on the left is an Amazon icon.

We've known #Ubuntu to do these things for a while now, but I grow increasingly disappointed with each release. Ubuntu also encourages the use of proprietary software through "snaps", and advertises non-free software by default through their package repositories unless you explicitly check a box (at least in previous version) during installation to use only free repositories.
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Check out the latest episode
Destination Linux EP69 - Cosmic Conundrums

The Librem 5 phone looks only more and more promising. :linux:

"Librem 5 design report #5" –

People say they pay extra for their quality.

"2016 MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards failing twice as frequently as older models" –

@kmicu It looks like our instance stopped talking to others and it got resolved yesterday. I hope.

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About once every day or two my mouse disconnects for 20 seconds and the settings for it is gone when it comes back. I guess it's time for a new mouse soon. :D Any recommendations for a ambidextrous decently quality mouse that's doesn't look like props to the next Star Wars movie? A big bonus is if it doesn't cost as much as making said movie as well.

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