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I sometimes feel bad for not following that many people here. I know there's a lot of fun and interesting people out there to follow, but part of the reason I'm into minimalism is because I get very easily distracted by pretty much everything. It can be very stressful at times and 'less' helps me with that.

So. If I don't follow you I hope you don't feel offended or anything. :)

Is it possible to make IceCat (Firefox) to use the regular version of DuckDuckGo rather than the JavaScript free version when using it as a search engine?

"Qualcomm Inc illegally suppressed competition in the market for smartphone chips by threatening to cut off supplies and extracting excessive licensing fees, a U.S. judge ruled, a decision that could force the company to overhaul its business practices." -

This is a useful website with lightning and thunderstorms in real time.

Here's another reason I don't like and don't use phone number based services like WhatsApp and Signal.

"I just got a new phone number, and installed WhatsApp. The conversations of the previous owner of the number were immediately displayed." -

I'm watching the video about the OnePlus 7 Pro from Marques Brownlee. Apparently he average 5 GB of RAM usage. What? How?

I average at 1,5 GB and that's even more than my computer. I guess that modern proprietary applications is ridiculously bloated these days.

I was cleaning out the attic and found this old box. It was a gift from Novell.

I got a chance to try out SUSE Studio before it was releases to the public. It was something they sent out to some journalist and bloggers at the time.

I was (and probably still is) quite surprised that they knew about my Swedish Linux blog I had back then. :)

I have now stuffed my keyboard case with a 2mm thick mousepad in neoprene. It helped dampen the sound in my aluminum case quite a bit. :)

Are you not feeling motivated to go outside for a healthy walk? How about downloading the application StreetComplete from @fdroidorg and start helping out OpenStreetMap by adding missing data about the places around you!

I started today and it made my daily walks a lot more fun! It also motivates me to walk even more and visit new places that I wouldn't visit otherwise. :)

A new 65% hotswap RGB ANSI circuit board from KBDfans at a decent price is out in the wild. It's powered by QMK as well.

I have started writing an article about XMPP. I will try to keep it as simple, non-technical and short as possible.

Do you have anything you want to see in the article or do you have any questions I should answer in it? Or anything else? Let me know! :)

I'm not sure what's worse here, that they're doing this or that they have to do it.

"Android developers can now force app updates" –

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