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I sometimes feel bad for not following that many people here. I know there's a lot of fun and interesting people out there to follow, but part of the reason I'm into minimalism is because I get very easily distracted by pretty much everything. It can be very stressful at times and 'less' helps me with that.

So. If I don't follow you I hope you don't feel offended or anything. :)

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@hund suggest you start out with . Also, ping us if you feel like something is missing. Quite often when I hear about amazing features in Zsh/Fish, those are actually present in Bash, just less well advertised or needs a bit of config. My main reason for switching back (I used to use Zsh as well), though, is I can just push my config to a server and expect it to work as usual.

I'm going to challenge (?) myself by using Bash and see how good I can make it. I've been using zsh for so long that I don't even remember why I quit using Bash in the first place.

What's my options for people who refuse to use secure and open alternatives for communication? Is there an easy option for sending encrypted text via SMS that 'just works' on both Android and Ios?

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Me and My Shadow: “a free libre puzzle/platform game in which you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles”

What's your recommendations for libre netcasts? Shows that record their episodes using libre software, distribute it using libre formats, hosts that endorse libre software and not non-free software like Telegram or Skype, something that's unfortunately common in the GNU+Linux camp nowadays.

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I've been building Flóðgátt, a replacement streaming API server for Mastodon. The goal is to cut RAM usage and make hosting an instance that much cheaper.

So far, we've cut RAM for the streaming server of an empty instance by ~94.2%

The next task is to make sure that lower RAM usage can scale without other issues (e.g., CPU).

To do that, I need a test server with enough connections to see how Flóðgátt performs under load.

That's where y'all come in: can you please follow @codesections ?

"A group of 50 states and territories in the US have launched an investigation into Google's dominance of the online advertising market."

My server has now been migrated to Devuan from Ubuntu.

This is just a friendly reminder about the fact that UNIX turned 50 years old this year!

I upgraded to Ruby 2.5 from version 2.4 the other day and it performes *way* faster! Generating one of my Jekyl websites went from ≈5 seconds to only ≈1.2 seconds.

Note to self: Make sure you actually activated the swap before emerging the big boy packages on a system with 2 GB of RAM. It does prevent the machine from things like hard freezing.

I'm installing Gentoo on my almost 12 year old HTPC right now. I'm actually impressed by how fast (relativity speaking) it compiles software on an old Intel Core 2 Duo E8400.

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if you can help me and my family out it would be great ,
the drive there take a lot out of us it is 1hr half drive there
an now going every week or other ever other week and thankyou very much

I heard someone saying that the desktop environment @kde was created as a Windows-y environment back in the 90's to please Microsoft Windows users wanting to switch to Linux.

Is this true? If so, can anyone point me to an actual and reliable source proving that this is in fact true.

Another impressive cycle of light usage with my 4 year old Nexus 5X running without GApps.

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