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Once every century or so, I manage find a wallpaper that actually matches my desktop.


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I got the brilliant idea to use my jacket as a background for a (hopefully) better looking photo of my keyboard. :)

It's nice to see how far @pixelfed have come in such short amount of time. I'm still patiently waiting for some convenient clients for Android though. :)

Here's my account if anyone's interested:

"How Microsoft uses biometric profiles to track & de-anonymize Windows 10 users with various third party services"

Phew.. It only took me about 3-4 hours to compile qtwebengine.. The only time I wish I had a newer computer. :)

Yes, I tried to fix it. But after a day of fumbling in the dark I decided it was time to just reinstall everything.

I'm reinstalling Gentoo. It worked too good so I decided to break it, apparently..

I was trying to setup cross-compilation capability (for my keyboard controller) in the middle of the night and I someone managed to break OpenSSL. Such awkward, much wow.

Well, there's a first for everything I guess. And thankfully it's not much work, it's just the waiting that takes time. :)

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I just realized that I could quite easily get my keyboard to be a little NES inspired by only changing two keycaps.

I can't deicide which version I like the most though?

"Exploring Akihabara, Tokyo's Electronics Markets - w/Only in Japan!"

"The Plain Text Project will help you figure out if working and living a plain text life is right for you. Here I share ideas, tips, and techniques. I explain how to meld plain text into your life. I try to share my love of working in plain text with you."

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When did Brutaldon get support for themes? I really like the new Lux theme, with a few minor tweaks. :)

Once every century or so, I manage find a wallpaper that actually matches my desktop.


There's an interest check for a custom replacement controller for the WASD TKL v2, making it programmable using the QMK firmware.

I just found this new repository with open source resources for mechanical keyboards parts and all things related.

I think I have found my new numpad! Unfortunately the only one in stock is the red one. It's pretty but I prefer black or grey things only. :)

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