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Wow, Idaho scientists made potatoes that can get you high

The FOSS world is amazing.

I'm apt updating Ubuntu on my laptop. Hundreds of new packages!

I've only contributed financially (or otherwise) to a handful of projects, but I keep getting all this other stuff for free. It's amazing.

Thank you, community.

Three conclusions to draw from #Google denying #Huawei access to software: (1) The #FSFE urges users to use Free Software operating systems and applications on their computing devices. (2) Governments and especially the European Union should invest more resources in #FreeSoftware to gain independence from large enterprises and other states. (3) The FSFE urges companies to use as much Free Software as possible in their supply chains. fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201905 #pmpc

so you know how i've been warning y'all that any secure communication platform that's installed from a corporate app store is vulnerable to the state subverting that corporation, even if we assume the corporation is benevolent in the first place?

trump has now, by *executive order,* forced a major american corporation to lock out a single manufacturer's entire range of devices from all of its services. huawei devices can no longer use any google services, at the command of a one murderous sociopath in the oval office. not congress, not the FCC - the president, alone.

that vulnerability is no longer hypothetical.

Google pulling its Android Software from Huawei devices will not produce a lot of fan-mail i suppose.

I'm looking forward to a Linux based mobile operating system from Huawei in the near future.

I figured out how to run a terminal application as your wallpaper on xorg Show more

I rage quit uninstalled because of the buyout.

Now my kid wants to play it.

is hard, yo

Phew! I've finally figured out how to encode 4:4:4 H.264 footage in OBS using libx264 encoder (NVENC gave me glitches in teh video stream).
I had to add custom option to "Video Encoder Settings" using teh Custom Output (FFmpeg) Recording Type. Then I've this:
`-profile:v high -level:v 4.0 -pix_fmt yuv444p` and it works!
#OBS #444 #H264 #FFmpeg #Video

Omfg I just realised that tusky actually just opens links in your phones browser instead of implementing a webview! I am actually really happy with this app so far. Cant think of any criticism of it so far. Which considering I am an Android dev myself is a pretty decent feat. I whole heartily recommend it.

Today, after 8 years the graphics card of my Acer notebook died and I finally have to throw it away. Thanks to free software I was able to use it double as long as I would have been able to with windows (windows became unbearably slow by the time).
The best part is that I put the hard drive from my broken notebook into one that is one year older and I continued as if nothing happened. :thinkerguns:
#FOSS #Linux

Tonight I worked on a tiny little project of mine that I started completely randomly back in Feb. It's called MD TOC Creater and follows the unix philosophy of doing one thing very well: it generates tables of contents for markdown documents, in markdown. One of those nice little projects that's dead simple, could be really useful and is fun to work on when you feel like a bit of python.


Issues, PRs and suggestions welcome as always.

Learning Blender at @lfnw@twitter.com. Super cool stuff!

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