Finally getting things done and not distracted by 'work'. ;)

While i'm a hermit by nature and enjoy solitude, i'm not a big fan of the term 'social distancing' when it really just means 'physical distancing', while we should try to stay socially connected as much as possible while keeping space between us, especially now.

Maybe i'm just nit-picking here ;)

I created a "welcome" screen picture for my webpage.

I hope you like my shaman lady.

#art #mastoart #krita #witch

"In geek speak: We’re about to DDoS the healthcare system in the US. And it’s running an unpatched social system with a litany of know liabilities and vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, everyone is out there clicking and tapping every known malware honeypot. Time to reboot the approach."

Seen on Twitter by @dhh

Watching the US officials over there... i'm suddenly proud of my own government. Which, believe me, is a first.

Our first shiny red sample print of the upcoming @manjarolinux laptop by @TUXEDOComputers went well. After final tests we will open pre-orders soon.

Original tweet :

France, Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Holds Largest-Ever Gathering of People Dressed as Smurfs, for Some Reason

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