Facemasks in the new Gnome store is fun!

But, this is yet another store with merch for a good cause that don't say anything about how their stuff is produced.

Since the clothing industry is terrible, with inhumane, dangerous conditions, even slavery, and terrible environmental impacts, I just don't understand why so many take so lightly on this. Ethical conditions aren't even expensive. I won't support slavery, so I can't buy merch I don't know how is produced.

That's why I love @aptgetshirt.

There's some crazy internal US politics right now that threatens #OpenTechFund, who funded #LetsEncrypt, #CertBot, @torproject , #NoScript, TLS ESNI/ECH, #DNSPrivacyProj, #ReproducibleBuilds, #Wireguard, #DeltaChat, #OpenKeychain, #pypi, @guardianproject , @signalapp , and more. Looks like a couple proprietary software companies are trying to take over this #FreeSoftware money. Please sign on to the campaign to try to stop it: saveinternetfreedom.tech

Sometimes it feels the USA are just a 3rd world country with a lot of rich people happen to live there.

Downloadable papercraft designs of various computers!

Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share.


:flan_aww: :crt_w_test_pattern: :crt: :crt_w_blue_screen: :crt_w_green_lines: :crt_w_test_pattern: :crt_w_noise:

i bet theres a country somewhere where they just put glitter in all mail, and its considered rude not to. like if you send mail to them and it doesnt have glitter in, it's like a huge insult. but nobody wants to trade with them and they dont know why business is going badly so they keep sending more and more glitter to everyone as a goodwill gesture

Venture capital is greedy arseholes who got rich by fucking you over funding other greedy arseholes who hope to get rich by fucking you over.

If this pandemic taught me one thing: Most stars and entertainers are just mediocre jokesters when lacking tech-teams and professional equipment supporting them. Long time podcasters and self producing youtubers are the real heroes nowadays.

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