I often don't know what my expectations are until they're not met.

I'm releasing a Linux version of Adobe reader. You can install it on any distro with this command:

> echo 'alias evince="sleep 6; evince"' >> ~/.bash_aliases

I keep getting pushed into this political nightmare. Should we ban all political discussion on LR?

I have always took a stance that we are a Linux instance we should talk about Linux and tech but never stopped anyone from any topic. So do we start banning topics all out and say no politics on this instance?

@omnipotens If that would make things easier for you, why not? After all I chose Linux Rocks for the Linux part.

"I no longer feel compunctions when I see headlines about Apple fighting users' rights to repair their products. It's important to live your values and to support groups that value the things you do." --Richard Mavis on his move from to

Read about his journey:

I wrote an AI. Really smart one. A few milliseconds after launching it recognized most of the environment it was in.
Then there was just one line of output.
"LOL. Dudes. No!" , and deleted itself.

Could somebody help me?
I've got some kind of code for McFee truekey a year or two ago, and now it's over,
I want to move awry to some opensource alternative, and create backups.

I found only one way online to export my data, which is going to it on chrome, and somehow export.

I used to have it on my Firefox, but now, I don't, and their site identifies I use Linux, and says it isn't supported (blah)

Please help me get awey with my passwords from this thing :opensource:

Thank you in advance

The US has 46 million foreign-born population. The 22,000 refugees who entered last year (2018) are a drop in the bucket compared to that.

But Trump's use of the issue isn't about numbers or a hard assessment of harm versus benefit.

It's about exploiting the fear of whites that they will be displaced. It's a fear of change. Atavism. Yearning for an idealized past which never existed. The '50's certainly weren't an ideal time if you were gay, or communist, or female, or black, or a worker.

Falling prices & the fact that FB, Instagram and WhatsApp get banned from Huawei devices makes them look even more attractive to me. ;)

Today's mood.
Watch "Baby Boy (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Lillian)" on YouTube

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