Join us tonight at Nick & Elena's Pizzeria for a discussion on
* logrotate (Debian-style);
* private DNS servers with dnsmasq.

6:30 PM at 3007 Woodson Rd, Overland MO 63114

Giving users the power to moderate their own feeds is the key. Centralized moderation will always be flawed--a company can never represent your sensitivities as well as you and your peers (and will likely bow to outside pressure to censor, whether it's China or groups of users).

All of you people that are talking about in tech are hypocrites. The percentage of Amish developers is appalling, we should all be working for a more inclusive environment where they feel comfortable. .

Saw on reddit and had to share. If your site is bad enough to not allow pasting, it's also not worth manually typing my randomly generated 50 character password into.

Reminder: Please add an #RSS feed to your #blog, if you haven't already 😄 It helps a lot with following your blog and getting to know about new articles!

Post by @kev:

@architect I hate features. Ten apps with five features is fifty things to learn.

No backup feature means I backup with my usual tool. No encryption feature means I use my usual encryption.

All the features in the world need to be replaced with a text interface.

Hey Fediverse, what are your favorite web apps that have (or vim-like) keybindings?

After looking for LaTeX and 'role playing game', I've just found that searching for 'troff' without any context is no better.

What the hell is wrong with people who name markup languages?

> Trying to create a D&D dungeon-plan in Latex.

> Netsearch include keywords 'latex dungeon'

> Oh dear.

Guess it's back to basic documentation for me.

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on this section, but boy was I disappointed

Buku - Browser-independent bookmark manager in the terminal


- Make your bookmarks portable, sync them however you want
- Open bookmarks in ANY application (use the variable BROWSER like `BROWSER=mpv buku -o [id]` to open a link in mpv)
- Import from Firefox, Chromium, or Chrome
- Export/import from/to HTML, Markdown, or Orgfile
- Use multiple databases (with `--db [dbname].db`) and encrypt them so that others can't see what you saved (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm tired of seeing crap about Gab in my timelines so I'm muting the word.

For those that don't know how, it's Settings > Filters and you can hide toots with specific words or phrases from all of your timelines, notifications, and conversations.

@j @Gargron That would be a nonfree license. You can't restrict how people use your software or that would not be "open source" or free software. It would become proprietary software instead.

So about self hosting an email server...

GMail is the only thing really tying me to Google, I'm moving to iOs, I'm moving to cold storage (terabytes are cheap in 2019), I'm moving to Firefox only because Chrome will kill adblockers, but I'm moving so that still counts...

What are my options for email? I'm not going to pay for something I cannot control, what's the improvement over GMail, nothing comes to par to it, every client sucks in comparison for my usage, I'm not willing to pay to LOSE features, if I pay I want to at least gain some control.

Also I don't need email web access, you tell me "it only works if you use your own client", I'm still fine. Just something that doesn't need 10 hours of maintenance per day thanks.

So I watched this yesterday:

Procedural Programming: It's Back? It Never Went Away

It is a really interesting perspective and history lesson on programming.

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