Ultimate Linux ricer starter pack:
- anime girls wallpaper
- i3 (ok it's actually swaywm)
- pfetch
- transparent background terminal (more likeable if it's blurred, but I don't know how to do it in swaywm/foot)

Thanks to @hannibal_ad_portas for the idea.

Rebecca and Megan Lovell are the multi-instrumentalist sisters powering the infectious roots rock of Larkin Poe. After hearing the bluesy riffs and incredibly powerful vocals, I’m hooked and here for whatever’s next.

I’m listening to “Bad Spell” by Larkin Poe, and you should too!


#NewMusic #TheBestMusicYouveNeverHeard

What might 1980’s-era Journey song sound like with a heavy injection of chiptune melodies and metal musicality?

Video game composer and retro PC super-enthusiast Victor Love has the answer: his project “Master Boot Record.”

Expertly composed, emotional, and hard-driving... chiptune metal?

This song freaking SLAPS, so buckle up.


#TheBestMusicYouveNeverHeard #Rock #music

A wild #blog post appears!

Let's study the #LLVM and #GCC optimizers around the question of increments and decrements and see how they differ. Then we can make a decision as to whether or not we want to teach those optimizations to our #QBE optimizer we've been working on.


#compile #compilers #optimizer #optimizers #compile #optimize #unix #c #programming #program #bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd #linux #cproc

Let's do something we should do every once in a while: if you have a personal web site with an RSS or Atom feed, drop it in the replies so people can add it to their feed aggregator.

Signal boosts appreciated.

🚨 Free Swag Alert 🚨

We're giving away charm holographic stickers! Leave a comment if you'd like a couple of stickers and we'll DM you to sort logistics 👌

SLUUG (St. Louis Unix Users Group) is meeting tonight and Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation is presenting, among others.  It's available through Zoom.


📦 We've leveled up our Arch Linux support, btw! Arch now packages our apps in their official package manager. Now they're just a pacman -S away.

pacman -S glow
pacman -S soft-serve
pacman -S charm

Just took (and passed) the CompTIA Security+ exam so that I can (starting tomorrow) teach a 2-week bootcamp course for it.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute :flan_laugh:

* GNU/Hurd release? I sleep.
* GNU/kFreeBSD release? REAL SHIT

The ultimate troll OS: It's not Linux! It's not BSD! It's not even UNIX, as the name clearly states!

It's a frankenOS conversation starter.

#FediCock New instance, confirmed follow bot/spam account (10k+ posts in like a day). Keeps posting about this thing called 'queef' (probably some new crypto scam, idk). Alts all over fedi as well, beware of this account.
writing web servers in socat and bash so I don't have to build something more complicated

If you attend the talk and ask a question during the Q&A, you'll be entered to win some free #dlang swag.

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