Just took (and passed) the CompTIA Security+ exam so that I can (starting tomorrow) teach a 2-week bootcamp course for it.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute :flan_laugh:

* GNU/Hurd release? I sleep.
* GNU/kFreeBSD release? REAL SHIT

The ultimate troll OS: It's not Linux! It's not BSD! It's not even UNIX, as the name clearly states!

It's a frankenOS conversation starter.

#FediCock New instance, confirmed follow bot/spam account (10k+ posts in like a day). Keeps posting about this thing called 'queef' (probably some new crypto scam, idk). Alts all over fedi as well, beware of this account.
writing web servers in socat and bash so I don't have to build something more complicated

If you attend the talk and ask a question during the Q&A, you'll be entered to win some free #dlang swag.

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Lemmy removed the bad word filter

This is your sign to go buy lottery tickets right now
I just realised Neckbeard.xyz should still be reachable by our onion address:

Media won't work tho

After I gave it a few examples of changing one style of text into another, I got GPT-3 to draw on the vast knowledge encoded in its internet training and improve some common error messages.

I'm using Ansible recipes to build custom raspberry pi images and it feels a lot like baking.

Make a tiny change in the ingredients.

Wait an hour to see if everything turned out alright. Directly into reformatting the disk (e.g. throwing the cake in the trash) the moment something's wrong.

For any of y’all that have been having issues with youtube-dl being throttled to ridiculous levels, it seems that google is on it’s BS again, and that youtube-dl isn’t maintained anymore [0].

That said you can instead use the yt-dlp fork that fixes this issue and probably more [1]

Also, if you’ve been using mpv to watch youtube, you can tell it to use yt-dlp by adding this line to .config/mpv/mpv.conf : script-opts-append=ytdl_hook-ytdl_path=yt-dlp [2]

[0] https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/issues/30075 [1] https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp [2] https://hund.tty1.se/2021/10/12/how-to-use-yt-dlp-instead-of-yt-dl-with-mpv.html

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Pleroma will be renamed to Facebook
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