Another reminder that is awesome :)

@Moon @pingviini it's international news because it's gonna fuck over a lot of corps

I say good, fuck all the Western corps that bowed down to their bullshit. Think about it, Activision/Blizzard are going to be overwhelmingly fucked by this, good, fuck them. They now look even more stupid for having to bow down to China's bullshit. Which is ridiculous when they can just turn on a dime and completely fuck over your industry

A wild #blog post appears!

Today, we learn about QBE, a quick backend for compilers. It acts as a smaller version of LLVM: it reads in an intermediate language in SSA form and outputs optimized assembly.

Let's get our hands dirty figuring out how QBE works! We'll write a Brainfuck compiler directly in QBE IR.

#program #programming #code #coding #compile #compiler #compilers #qbe

In part 6, we add basic input and output routines to our PL/0 compiler. Now you can print integers and characters (and, by extension, strings)!

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Well the meeting has turned into a discussion of Desktop Environments

Like all good LUGs

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Come join the St.Louis Linux User's Group for a round table discussion about TCP/IP, DNS, and all the other things that make the internet tick.

Starting in just under half an hour

Instruction on how to join here:

In part 5, we write a code generator for our PL/0 compiler. We will compile PL/0 code to C.

As far as our original grammar is concerned, we will have a completed compiler after today! But fear not, there will still be more work to do.

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My LUG is looking for a topic/presentation for this Thursday at 6 CT.

We try to keep things somewhat related to *nix but anything technical is good.

Let me know if you’re interested in presenting.

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We're beginning a new series, "Let's write a compiler." In part 1, we'll introduce what a compiler is, select a language for our compiler, and do some high-level (no code) planning.

At the end of the series, you will have written a complete compiler from scratch! It won't be the world's fanciest compiler, but it will be correct. And it will be fast! Good for beginners.

#coding #code #program #programming #compiler #compile #compilers

stone age

bronze age

iron age

industrial age

tracking-everything-we-do-in-badly-formatted-spreadsheets-with-over-100-rows age

A new #blog post just for you!

Me talking about how you can participate in furthering the state of the art in amateur radio.

Share widely, post to amateur radio reddit and other ham sites, etc.

#AmateurRadio #HamRadio #HamR

I shouldn’t have turned out the lights when I left the room. Terry is cackling madly, and I have never seen Bugsy so terrified.

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"So kids, take time to read the T&C"

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My latest blog post is LIVE out on ! Have you been curious about or tired of running the same operations over and over? Let #InfrastructureAsCode help! #opensource

I had a lot of fun reimplementing grep in bash not to long ago. Finally got around to publishing a walk though of how I did it.

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