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PixelFed :pixelfed: is one of the types of server that make up the Fediverse :fediverse:

It focuses on photos and images, with an interface that's somewhat similar to Instagram. There's more info on the official site at and their official account is @pixelfed

You can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon, you might even be doing so already without realising it, because from within Mastodon they will look like any other account. (For example @connyduck is a PixelFed account)

You can get a PixelFed account yourself by signing up on a PixelFed server. There's a list of servers to join at, but unfortunately they don't currently tell you anything about how one server differs from another, so you'll have to rely on word of mouth.

There's no official app for PixelFed released yet (though there is one in testing), but you can use PixelFed accounts through Mastodon apps.

#PixelFed #PixelTips #FediTips #Fediverse

Check out the latest post on my website where I explain my switch over to Owncast. I have also done some work to update my profiles on several of my websites so hopefully people will know who I am and what I am about.

The first official stream is tomorrow!

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I have a digital workbook, "How to Draw Mandalas" ! It's got worksheets, pattern ideas, templates, and talks you through the basic construction then patterning and detailing, so you can get a foundation in making your own like the hand-drawn mandalas I do ^.^

Then if you liked that, I've got a digital Mandala Inspirations Pattern Book, full of pattern ideas for you to try when filling your mandala petals :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Mandala

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Hey, quick #question. Does anyone here knows an admin or mod of the furry/vore instance called "voring" or something?

There's an artist that's scamming tons of people over birdsite and is part of the vore community, I'd like to spread the gospel~

@owncast server is now set up and we had a successful test.
Some fiddling around with settings and a few server end things to set up then I will have a permanent link and Owncast will be my primary streaming platform.

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I have a vague memory that a year or two ago, someone here was doing talks or a presentation or something for small organisations, activists or community groups about how to move their social presences to open platforms and/or the inherent issues with using corporate platforms for coordinating anything.

Anyone recall anything like this? Got a link or know who it was? Am I totally imagining it?

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I want to make a funny little meme/video to promote the fedi
What's the best take / post / profile you've seen on the fedi?

Boosts appreciated.

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Six easy and simple rules for good web design 

-NO popups
-NO banners
-NO bars that scroll with you
-NO panels that appear or disappear depending on which direction you're scrolling
-NO misleading cookie consent dialogs
-NO tracking

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It's Bandcamp Friday! Send me your Bandcamp links for The Boostenings \o/ Spread the music! #bandcamp #music

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Me looking at distant things in my new glasses: "Ooooh FXAA"

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Here's a recap of what I got up to in August with the support of my lovely Patreon supporters. Topics include Bat Egg, Hive Time, plus-x, and Patreon

Jumping on the Linux birthday bandwagon, looking at FOSS games this coming week on stream.

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