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Thanks to amazing work from Alexandre Abgrall (aabgrall on Github), GeForce Now can now be used under Linux!
With it, you can even play anticheat-protected games, which normally don't work on Linux at all.
Install it using Lutris:

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/LutrisGaming/statu

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@protonmail It's worth mentioning that USA wanting to ban TikTok is because of their trade war - and not for your privacy. If USA continues banning foreign competitors and forcing Europe to do the same, nothing will improve in terms of privacy. American companies still collect your data, and willingly hand it over to NSA and private companies willing to pay for it. It will only strengthen their monopoly.
I don't care if my data is in USA or China, so I avoid TicToc/Facebook/Google equally.

Super Secret Bonus Uncle Hamish Stream!!

Some peeps were asking about using the exploration equipment so I will be doing a quick session with the Detailed System Scanner and mapping with probes.


@OpenComputeDesign @linuxpaulm I rarely buy digital music but I have bought some stuff from Bandcamp. I have never used a streaming service or bought "virtual" music from any other site. Of course I used to buy vinyl and cassettes before CDs but then, I am and old fart.

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@linuxpaulm I thought all serious music purchases happened on Bandcamp or direct with the artist these days. If I want classic stuff I buy the CDs.

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