@owncast Hi - I recently started using owncast and I was using it in a docker container. I had to reimage the server it was on and I installed using the script from your website. When I try to restore the backup I get an error ``FATA[2022-05-13T19:23:26Z] unable to read backup file gzip: invalid header`` - when I look at the uncompressed file it all looks correct and the plain text parts of the data are recognisable as my config. Other stuff I backed up from the server is fine. Any ideas?

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@hamishtpb Are you trying to restore the actual backup file, or are you trying to restore an uncompressed version of the backup file?

@owncast the normal backup file but I looked at an uncompressed version to see if I could find any clues.

@owncast Ah - correction - it looks like the file is incomplete for some reason.

@owncast After a bit of messing with sqlite3 I think I have it all working again now. Sorry to have bothered you - I didn't notice the file was truncated. I expect PBKAC when I was moving stuff from the old server to my system.

Thanks again for an amazing bit of software!

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