I'm currently enjoying over because of the existence of /etc/hostname.iwn0 over the likes of NetworkManager. Just that.

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@haircode There is so, so much more to discover. Enjoy the journey!

@solene or wpa_supplicant.conf

And ifconfig over ip...

@solene oh, that was a bonk... or boost or whatever that's called.

@haircode You've got me curious, what specifically makes it a better solution in your view?

@profoundlynerdy In terms of this particular point: simplicity and reliability. You just add the name and password to a file and you're done. Apart from anything else, I could never remember the options for the nmcli tool!

@haircode Gotcha.

I'm a big fan of Gentoo for much the same reason. It doesn't force all of this systemd related crap down your throat.

@profoundlynerdy I'm both fascinated/attracted and scared by 's compilation requirements. Have used it but my laptop wasn't powerful enough and it took days to get where I wanted. I do like the philosophy of it though.

@haircode Yeah, the solution to that problem is to have another machine that just builds optimized binaries for the laptop. As I understand it, it's not actually all that hard to setup, but I've never done it.

The only time I've run into issues has been compiling browser engines which can take 32-64 GB of RAM to compile. That's a serious failure to optimize compile time, period. That's the coder's fault, not Gentoo's problem.

@profoundlynerdy Yeah, good points. If I could find a pragmatic method to handle the monster binaries, I'd definitely look again at Gentoo.

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