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Today in 1964 BASIC made its debut, in an effort to take programming out of the world of machine language.

Share if you're old enough to have gotten your start with it.

My first experience of upgrading yesterday after years of doing the same with various Linux distros. Very clean and straightforward in comparison.

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You know guys why I like Minetest? It reminds me to the old nostalgic Minecraft. When the community were so good, and we didn't even know how to play it πŸ˜†. It really feels like being a part of an important thing. When you play it, you feel, the old good memories, playing Minecraft before school starts :). Playing with friends, building wholesome things, exploring the infinite world and many more. It is just an.. amazing.. wonderful experience.. really.

#minetest #minecraft

I'm currently enjoying over because of the existence of /etc/hostname.iwn0 over the likes of NetworkManager. Just that.

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Just setting up my Twtxt - or the joy of a plain-text social network.


Hi all - my second crack at the ! Glad to be here.

By way of :

Husband, Dad, live in UK. Interested in , , , , , , , , , , , and lots of other stuff.

Main tools: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Want to learn more: , , , and probably, despite myself, .


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...