'RSS is due for a comeback. No ads. No suspicious javascript. Just the signal without the noise.' Now Is The Perfect Time For An Renaissance

@gsteenss Did it ever go away? Or am I just that distant from the regular world?

@gsteenss I'm with @hund, lol, I've not stopped using and relying on since I discovered it!

nope, it never did. but some people may need a reminder it solves heluva lot of their current problems...

@hund @gsteenss it's probably people thinking that the death of Google Reader killed RSS 🤷

@vinzv @gsteenss

...and that's a big part of what killed RSS. Or at least weakened it and made it vulnerable.

RSS'sbig advantage was putting everything you read in one place. If it's just a list of links, then it has no value in a world where social media exists.

@vinzv @gsteenss

Oh, actually it looks like they intended it to be a full article feed, but somehow screwed it up. The content is there, but mangled.

@gsteenss but why would we use rss instead of atom tho

that article literally links to its own atom feed, calling it rss 🤔


This id the bit that clicked for me in the article:

"So the very idea of RSS - obtaining content from a website without having to visit the site itself - is due for a comeback. No ads. No suspicious javascript. Just the signal without the noise. It's not perfect privacy, but it's one step back and two steps forward in the right direction."

Makes even more sense to me now - no additional malicious software if it all conforms to an accepted and safe standard.

@gsteenss @pzmyers some of us never stopped using it in the first place.

No regrets.

@gsteenss RSS is my jam, partly because it's janky old tech that can't really be easily monetized or tracked.

@gsteenss absolutely. And so I do use RSS. But there's natural resistance to it and willingness to kill it by advertisers & co. So that's just another fight which might be refueled...

And I'm personally fully for RSS. 😀

@gsteenss the thing with RSS is it encourages me to spend even more time than i currently do (already an unhealthy amount) consuming content online. so while the idea appeals to my knowledge hoarding tendencies i can't make RSS be healthy for me.

@gsteenss RSS feeds actually can contain ads, tracking pixels and Javascript. Very few RSS readers can cut that.

@gsteenss @kurtm I only read blogs through #RSS. No RSS, no read! ATOM is okay though

@gsteenss RSS is still my favorite way of subscribing to blogs and webcomics

@gsteenss RSS is great for reading news headlines in your browser but people do in fact place ads in RSS feeds.
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