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elementaryos rant, sorry 

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this Dilbert strip is from 1995, but now it's more valid than ever
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Wow! Microsoft is opening up 60 000 patents for free use by anyone in the Open Invention Network (OIN).

They've also joined LOT, an anti-patent troll group.

"as late as 2014, Microsoft made approximately $3.4 billion from its Android patents."

This is amazing! As @kaniini says, we still need to be vigilant about MS, but there's no denying this is a huge deal! #patents

I just want to appreciate the folks over at for positively surprising me again and again.. 👍

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FBI Forced Suspect to Unlock His iPhoneX Through Face ID

This is why biometrics are NOT secure. Biometrics should be treated as a UserID, and NOT as a password

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I mean, it used to be "add to resolv.conf, you're done". Then it used to be "add to resolvconf config file head, you're done". Now it's "nobody really knows, users usually don't need that *shrug*".

This fscking thing really starts to feel like Windows.

#FsckSystemd #Linux

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Oh, and apologies to all the photo editing tools. I really tried *a lot* of them after I switched to Linux, but sadly none got anywhere close to Adobe Lightroom.

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Nice, Polarr looks like the first photo editing software for Linux that deserves the name. Proprietary, unfortunately, but still good news for me.

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@gka @kensp Closed source bios, checking for updates regularly. Basically this is a built-in backdoor to the machine (and not only on this laptop but on every other device having the same feature). This is why projects like Libreboot or Coreboot are so important.

since when are laptops capable of doing automatic BIOS firmware updates? this is my dell xps13 after a normal reboot. like where did the computer even get the update from? i am confused...

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Google has started signing people in to Chrome without asking if they sign in to any google site like gmail or YouTube.

That leaves you one click away from uploading all your browsing data to Google.


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Read this. This article pretty summarizes what I see every day. And when I criticize it, half of the audience doesn't understand my point. They are simply to young and grew up with smart phones and fast lines.

"Software disenchantment": via

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I may be forced to resign from Alpine, because I cannot see an ethical path forward that allows myself to contribute to a product Microsoft consumes in their attempts to promulgate Linux to an “app you download from the Windows Store.”

Where I am from, you don’t negotiate with terrorists, and Microsoft continue to terrorize many projects, companies and individuals with their software patent portfolio.

There is a strong reason why at work, we will only ever touch free software when building solutions for our customers. This is because software freedom is the most important concern when providing infrastructure and solutions to the most vulnerable among us. Software freedom keeps them safe.

To assist Microsoft in their efforts of promulgation is to assist them in their ongoing efforts to undermine software freedom. WSL is a trojan horse. It is not our friend, and we should not tolerate it’s consumption of our distributions.

lenghty #introduction ahead 

the feeling when your plan to try out five different linux desktops tonight goes up in smoke because you can't find a single usb stick you can use.

I swear I'll never buy one of these fingernail-sized drives again...

Related q: Is there still this huge divide between Gnome and KDE-based desktops? Or is it possible/sensible to cross between both application universes? It always feels like I have to "lock" into one of the two by chosing my desktop..

So what is the best Linux distro after all? 

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This is why you shouldn't use most Google services, specifically, Android:

Google developer admits to remotely changing phone settings for thousands of users

repairing broken linux kernels is not exactly what I had in mind for my evening, but so be it. when this is over I will disable kernel updates to the next 5 years, promised!

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