Just bought my first game on . So excited to be able to play it when the download finishes by the end of the week 😤

Anyone here using ? I love the software, but I don't get why it won't show the duration for any of the tracks in my library. What am I missing?

Oh FFS DBeaver. What is it with HiDPI and Linux software that just went horribly wrong? DBeaver used to be one of the good apps that just works on a HiDPI screen. Until now..

I just want to appreciate the folks over at for positively surprising me again and again.. 👍

since when are laptops capable of doing automatic BIOS firmware updates? this is my dell xps13 after a normal reboot. like where did the computer even get the update from? i am confused... linuxrocks.online/media/VnbiJl


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...