elementaryos rant, sorry 

So, @elementary Juno was released yesterday but there is no mention anywhere in the release announcement or installation guide about how to update from eOS Loki. Googling around brought up an github issue about this from March 2017. Apparently there's a $25 bounty on this, lol.

On reddit someone wrote you have to re-install the whole OS but I swear if they make me do this I'm gonna distro-hop right away.

elementaryos rant, sorry 

@gka @elementary Yes, you will have to do a fresh install.

There is no drama to it. Really.

elementaryos rant, sorry 

@Linux @elementary interesting. I'm new to linux, eOS loki was my first serious attempt on using it. one of the reasons I switched from macOS was that with each OS upgrade half of my system was broken and I had to re-install and configure most of it.

so you're saying this is normal in the linux world? does "fresh install" mean I have to reinstall all apps? redo my whole setup? or is there a way not to spend 2 days on this?

elementaryos rant, sorry 

@gka @elementary No. This is a one distribution and the way they operate.

Many like the aesthetics and the vision of eOS, so, willing to go with it.

I'm pretty sure that eOS is not the Linux distro for you. You may want to check out something from the rolling release side.

macOS fan? Try a rolling release distro of Solus!

Rolling release means: install once, every update takes you to the very latest version.

For total stability though, there are likes of Debian.


elementaryos rant, sorry 

@Linux @elementary ah, got it. on my work laptop I already switched to Ubuntu Budgie, and I really like Budgie.

have to read more about Solus. think I was a bit afraid of not being able to apt install anymore. I assume eopkg is not compatible with .deb packages?

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elementaryos rant, sorry 

@gka @elementary It's not.

Solus assumes you do not use the terminal for everyday simple things, if at all.

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