elementaryos rant, sorry 

So, @elementary Juno was released yesterday but there is no mention anywhere in the release announcement or installation guide about how to update from eOS Loki. Googling around brought up an github issue about this from March 2017. Apparently there's a $25 bounty on this, lol.

On reddit someone wrote you have to re-install the whole OS but I swear if they make me do this I'm gonna distro-hop right away.

elementaryos rant, sorry 

@gka Wait what? You can't just do an in-situ upgrade?

So much for being Ubuntu (and Debian) based.

Then again even Mint took a hell of a long time to get that right. No idea why...


elementaryos rant, sorry 

@matt I was kind of expecting the great all-new AppCenter to just open up and say "click here to upgrade to Juno" but nope.

the install guide (elementary.io/docs/installatio) says nothing about upgrading Loki.

so it looks like I can just read about all the nice new features that I have no easy way to install. or maybe they're working on it and I just have to wait?

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