some ideas for my Debian home server?馃

@giupo pihole, tmux daemon, transmission, music server, matrix server.

Thank you so much, pyhole and matrix seem very interesting projects! I also found a server for calendars, Radicale, which seems nice.

@giupo nice. What's the calendar server? Is it cli? I've set up an arch server on a pi. Can't get taskd, the taskwarrior service, to run yet, but hopefully it'll be done soon.

With Radicale you can create a collection of events, both from Cli and from Browser (there is a small frontend for the login and the creation of the collection). From client you can create events and synchronize them with remote collection, as long as the client supports the CalDav protocol: an example of client is DAVx5 that you can find on f-droids. I also use Arch, but for the pi, on which I built the server in question, I preferred to use Debian Scratch.

@giupo oh! Also unison is great for servers as a backup and replication tool. That said, I if your main rig is arch and the server Debian it can be a problem, because they have different versions of unison.

nooo, what a bore backup, even if they are useful! hahaha馃槅馃く

@giupo CLI isn't boring, it does boring things so you don't have to.

Also I deleted a couple of partitions while drunk so I'm paranoid now. I have three separate backup procedures automated.

@malin sorry for your partitions ahah If with that program you can schedule backups is very interesting, now I take a look at it

@giupo That's why I love the pi. I told it to scan for my phone's Mac, and if I'm out for the day it runs a backup, then shuts down all computers on the network.

@malin I would like to buy another raspberry on which to install NEMS (Nagios for the boards), in order to monitor that the services are always active.

@giupo you can never have enough Pis. I'm setting a second up in the office, now.

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