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In my opinion, people should try Fox Droid as an alternative front-end to the F-Droid repositories. Its interface seems more intuitive and easier to understand!

Bons links do @manualdousuario sobre privacidade no WhatsApp:

🔗 O que os planos de compartilhamento de dados entre Facebook e WhatsApp significam para a privacidade do usuário
🔗 Sobre a política de privacidade:
🔗 Quais dados seus o WhatsApp compartilha com Facebook, Instagram e outros?

Today I have found the terminal-based text editor Kakoune! It seems more feature rich than Vim, however its keybindings are quite different...

Doing my undergraduate research with vim :vim: and tmux :terminal:. Sometimes, it's all what you need.

Yesterday I thought about switching from colorscheme to gruvbox material colorscheme. It seems pretty cool.

Today I've installed Polybar! I think it was about time to bring more colors to my desktop

Today I've created my first for loop on bash! I've always wanted to do it:
for f in $(ls); do convert $f $f.jpg; done;

Now, the next step is to actually remove the old extension from the file, as this command converts file.svg to file.svg.jpg, and I want file.jpg

The command that I copied from someone's dotfiles was not escaping spaces and other special characters. Simply covering the filename variable with double quotes fixed the problem.
Now I can be happy with fast LF file manager! :terminal: :thumbsup_hmn_h2:

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After half an hour trying to fix LF settings to open PDFs on zathura... I find out it was a problem with just one specific file. But the bug is still there, as I can open the file on the terminal but not on LF. Idk what happened

I'm thinking about trying dwm for a couple of days

Note to myself: try ReiserFS on next GNU/Linux installation!

Ok, now I've discovered the toot privacy control.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...