Today I created my first for loop inside a for loop in zsh!

Remember: free software is far beyond the OS you install!

@Linux_in_a_Bit Yep. It's the same image. I didn't find a way to use different images on those different places.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Do you use any instant messaging service? It might be better for us to talk about this. Anyway, I'll make some tests right now.

@Linux_in_a_Bit @omnipotens It seems like it's the same image... Give me some minutes and I'll be able to launch the admin panel.

@omnipotens I was thinking about something with both Tux and Gnu... Specially for our homepage art. But as I said earlier, I'm not a visual artist.

It'd be so cool to learn godot and develop some games.

"Let's go back to SMS." Hey, there are a ton of services besides Facebook. Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, XMPP... They are all free as in freedom and decentralized. And decentralization makes them all immune to the problem that Facebook is experiencing.

People are going crazy. Everything is fine with the internet. From billions of websites, just 3 of them are off!

Today I discovered the Transistor app! It's a libre app for listening to web radio, avaiable on F-Droid.

@lxo A better title for this video would be: "Want to save the environment? Use GNU!". Since the video is not about freedom or about the kernel, it's about how GNU is against the logic of planned obsolescence.

This video talks about a thing that was in my mind on a while: how GNU is such an environmentally-friendly operating system!

"Want To Save The Planet? Install Linux!"

There are many Linux distributions! Linux, Linux-Libre, Zen Kernel, Xanmod Kernel, Liquorix Kernel...

🇧🇷 Uma excelente palestra do meu amigo Dausacker sobre a importância do Software Livre e sobre a distribuição Trisquel. Ótima introdução ao tema!


And Projectify is a free an open-source project based on TiddlyWiki, that turns it into a project management app, "inspired by products like Todoist and Basecamp".
It is under MIT License.

🔗 Repo:
🔗 Demo:

Walking around Alternative To, looking for FOSS alternatives to Notion, I found TiddlyWiki.

It is simply an amazing tool! Imagine a portable, hackable wiki that stores itself in just a single HTML file. This is TiddlyWiki.


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