I'm glad that FOSS devs have finally accepted that UI design is an important part of software development rather than a crutch for users that aren't hardcore enough.

Who would like to see following happening:

- artists connecting through mastodon
and creating a movement in order to build up nice communities within #MediaGoblin (a federated video/picture plattform)

- spreading awarness about #floss into the creatives scene

- making Art togehter with ppl from all around the world. this distributed Art is called #collaboArt

- transforming society through shaping new narratives with art

make it happen

#musicians #drawer #videoMaker #Filmer #designer #IT

OK so I've had a look around and have a question.

I've noticed that a lot of instances are grouped around a topic of interest. If I'm interested in both technology and art however, does that mean that I have to sign up for each instance separately? Is there no way that a single user can 'collect' instances that they're interested in, instead of registering, logging in, snagging username, setting up profile etc for each individual one?



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