Anyone know how to post a link whic has a picture rather than just the text file icon?

First of a series of me practicing Tibetan at a camera - I'm sure you'll find it fascinating :P

@hexdsl Hey Mate, was wondering which VPS plan you're using? Thinking of setting up a just wondering how much it's gonna cost me

Beyond Merely Fluent

I discuss 3 things that I feel took my Chinese from 'merely fluent' to 'near-native'

Just checked an old screencast, looks like it's been there a while...

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Anyone know what could have downloaded a (The Linux Documentation Project) directory into my home directory? It just appeared there

Do you normally delete old or irrelevant toots?

Quick fix for missing lens profiles in :linux:
copy the lens you are missing from the relevant xml file in:
And paste it into your file at /usr/share/lensfun/

Copying the whole file didn't work for me (different version)
Neither did lensfun-update-data

If anyone knows a better way would love to hear it and have all lenses up-to-date.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..