I use rarely (one time or less a week). And I do not use at all, I am not registered at it and I do not want. Also, I do not use and I never used it.

Do you use Facebook but do not want it to track you on the all web sites you visit? You can use a dedicated browser or install Facebook Container.

Вы используете Facebook, но не хотите, чтобы он следил за вами на всех веб-сайтах, которые вы посещаете? Можно использовать отдельный , а можно установить Facebook Container.

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$ t0=`date +%s`; dig +short facebook.com soa | wc -l; t1=`date +%s`; echo $(expr $t1 - $t0); unset t0 t1

Explanation: it looks like the facebook.com domain name is not delegated, and the query took ten seconds.

and are enemies of free speech. Unfortunately, many instances go this way.

has persuaded the to not destroy a town if it is inhabited by at least ten righteous persons ( 18:20-32). Many Fediverse instances block the entire , while absolutely not all of its users are misanthropes; yes, some are, but many others are not. (I am a Jew. Do you think many Gab users send hate words to me? Just one, and I muted him.)


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...