Just created me an account with @codeberg. looking forwaed to shifting my stuff over there!

Managed to get my first job as a software developer. Now the real learning begins

Ooh-er. Liking the recent pacman updates. Small things make a difference - like greying the version numbers a bit to make actual package names easier to read, and having a running status bar of the full update process.

Had my first interview in the dev world last week, and just heard I've got a second stage interview next week. Fingers crossed!

Put together my first project today. A simple digital clock. My first taster of C++ (albeit a very narrowed down and simplified version of it).

Just started using and I have to say, I am loving it so far. What a brilliant project! Getting specific, tailored feedback from a mentor whilst working through (what I find to be) well pitched coding challenges is brilliant. I'm doing the track, and finding it's a great way to familiarise myself with the language in a structured way.

Anybody getting started with (as I am), I highly recommend ignoring the IDE and just going straight to their CLI tool. Works a dream!

14-week coding bootcamp finished. Been a whirlwind adventure - loved every minute

I experienced installing an app I co-wrote on my phone yesterday, for the first time. The feeling of excitement at trying out my own creation 'for real' lasted for a few seconds, as all those minor finishing details we hadn't clocked before suddenly jump out as needing attention. I guess that's all just part of the development process! :thinkhappy:

How to opt out of Google's FLoC with Nginx:

add_header Permissions-Policy "interest-cohort=()";

Add this inside every server block, and reload Nginx.

More on FLoC and this workaround: spreadprivacy.com/block-floc-w

I keep going through this cycle of trying a new note-taking/organising app, and then just returning to Emacs' org-mode. The real downside is that my notes get scattered around.

Briefly considered rejoining Twitter today. Then quickly realised the madness of it.

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

I've dabbled a bit with both and and really like them both. I would like to commit myself to learning one of these in more depth...

The question is: which would be most beneficial? (Neither, probably, considering I'm a still a newbie programmer) This is not about employability, more about which would teach (and challenge) me more.

I really find myself drawn towards the more declarative/functional way, but also want to get confident with at least one systems level lang.

My tiny, lightweight website is now even snappier due to self-hosting fonts. Was previously using Font Library (not a CDN, I know, but not Google), which had never been problematic until recently when it suddenly got *really* slow for one of them.

Thinking long-term hosting of a static website. Wondering what people think about the 'serverless' CDN model of Netlify versus a good bog standard VPS.

Just for clarity, I use my VPS for many other things besides hosting a static site - so this is mainly a question of whether the pros of Netlify (or similar) outweigh the pros of a DIY VPS for developing, deploying and serving static websites

Just realised that object storage is not as expensive as I thought. Think it's finally time to migrate from proprietary Tresorit to FOSS Nextcloud

After being a hobbyist coder for a while, I'm excited to begin my 14 week coding bootcamp this morning to turn my hobby into a job.

After being on Session for 12 or so months, I *finally* have a contact who uses it

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