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Played my first matches of and I had a fun time. Can finally catch up with all the craze around battle royales.

The did it folks.

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If you are in the EU 🇪🇺, sign ✍️:
#FacialRecognition intrusive systems must not be developed, deployed (even on a trial basis) or used by public or private entities insofar as they can lead to unnecessary or disproportionate interference with people’s fundamental rights

I made a new app! It's called , it's a color palette manager made with and . Here's the obligatory blog post to accompany its announcement. Let me know what you think!

Since this whole new mozilla debacle I've been thinking about other browsers, and since chromium-based isn't an option has been on my mind.

After skimming through their FAQ, I realized that every single little thing you do with your browser is used for fingerprinting. So it comes down to either use a web browser like a normal human being or retain a little bit of privacy.

Honestly, the sooner big tech web crumbles the better. I want the old web back.


I don't know what the hell is wrong with game developers saying that making or maintaining a linux port is difficult.

I made an effing vulkan game engine completely on linux using the great tools we have for development without even breaking a sweat.

At the same time I once lost like 3 hours trying to install gcc and compile a very basic c exercise program on windows, just to see it segfault for no reason.

Why is this all so backwards?

Call for testers! I've made some pretty substantial changes to and I'd love to know if they resulted in any bugs.

Plus I'd love to be able to release the new version once the 42 runtime lands, so it's as good a time as any for a good round of testing.

If you want to help, install the latest snapshot from this page: and report any issue you find in the issue tracker.

One of the biggest problems I have with developing in and is that no static analysis tool/linter that I know of can properly interact with GObject based libraries. I started tackling this problem on my own, making a tool to generate python stubs. It's somewhat working already, but it still needs lots of improvements. If you feel like helping it'd be greatly appreciated!

Here's the link:

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Step 1: Take the solid base of

Step 2: Add the thoughtfulness and expertise of, someone who definitely gets Linux gaming.

Step 3: GAME ON

TIL: you can search for emojis in the shell overview and quickly copy them

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#LAS2022 will be held in the picturesque city of Rovereto, at the foot of the Italian Alps. Join us on April 29 and 30 (in person or online) for two days packed with talks, panels, and Q&As on all things apps.

I'm trying to hack my way into making a simple-ish gtk rust app, and I gotta say, I just discovered I loathe rust.

+ + color scheme with a few lines of css.

Can't wait for more apps to support this.

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We're running a poll on our website to learn more about the #pinephone community. It is 9 questions long and shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes to fill in.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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mold 1.0 was just released

"mold 1.0 is the first stable and production-ready release of the high-speed linker. On Linux-based systems, it should "just work" as a faster drop-in replacement for the default GNU linker for most user-land programs. If you are building a large executable which takes a long time to link, mold is worth a try to see if it can shorten your build time. mold is easy to build and easy to use."

The worst thing about is that once you get used to it, you're basically hooked for life.

I think the same can be said for if LISP and RSI are your thing (/j)

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I've just released libadwaita 1.0 beta!

Highlights: toasts, animations - if you've been following This Week in GNOME, you've already seen most of it.

I just migrated most of the ui for my apps from xml to the awesome language by @flyingpimonster

Blueprint is exactly what needed for UIs: it's easy to learn and understand, it makes sense and most importantly it's COMPACT! This may sound dumb but compactness makes it easier to read, write and spot errors (also thanks to the useful errors the compiler spews).

If you use Gtk and you haven't checked blueprint out yet, you're missing out!

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