Should I use a selfie as a profile picture, partially retiring my iconic avatar?

@anjune @syscrash not aware of LSB but you basically described flatpak runtimes 😄

Apps can choose to target the generic freedesktop runtime or the more specific gnome/kde/elementary runtimes.

@anjune @syscrash there's a bigger conversation to be had here about the "distribution" model as a whole, whether it still works in this day and age or if it's obsolete. distros like silverblue, endless and steamos 3 are trying to innovate on that front, but I still think there's something missing.

@brianb if locally it doesn't work then it's unlikely to be the isp. Also try disabling the firewall(s), maybe that's it

@anjune @syscrash as for packages, try distributing a modern app on ubuntu or debian with a native package. You'll quickly realize that the half os we ship with apps is required because the full os that is underneath is too old, or lacking some dependencies. And we're not even talking about downstream patches and mismatched versions.

@doityourweb nerd dictation, non l'ho usato estensivamente ma sembra funzionare discretamente, tutto libero e offline

@doityourweb hai provato fedora kde? Non è popolare quanto la versione standard con gnome, ma è ugualmente un'ottima distro che secondo me merita più attenzione

If you're looking for a fast terminal with cool features and tasty lua config you need to check out

@cassidyjames maybe try desoldering the antennas or even the wifi card thing on the pcb.

If they complain at some point, of course you did nothing, the router must be defective!

@brainblasted always changing for me, right now I'm on one dark as well. Some other safe bets are monokai, dracula, gruvbox.

There's something therapeutic about writing docstrings for a big library while listening to chill music. :blobcatjustright:

Website plug (re Pagefind site search) 

@BryceWrayTX oh, thanks for letting me know! Definitely, I read it this morning while drinking coffee, I was still half asleep 😅

Found this gem of a project pretty randomly. The readme alone is quite interesting, here's a funny excerpt:

"NSA classifies Linux Journal readers, Tor and Tails users as "extremists"."

Website plug (re Pagefind site search) 

@BryceWrayTX interesting, but that's not static anymore. Instead of just plain storage (eg. gitlab pages) you'll need a vps to host it. Still something to keep an eye on as far as I'm concerned, but I prefer my method right now: build a json index and do the search with client side js. It can get expensive but it doesn't require a server.

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