@tbernard Of course developers have to decide what's most important to them, be it user privacy and control or their data. I understand that telemetry genuinely can make a product better, but in most cases that doesn't sound like a good excuse, at least to me.

@tbernard Telemetry can be fine if:

- it's opt in
- it uses a transparent data format (csv, json)
- doesn't include identifying information (ip)
- doesn't rely on untrusted third parties

bonus points if the data gathered is made public

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This is the key point and the reason FOSS means better #privacy: "The joy of open source means that users can, if they wish, verify Audacity's claims for themselves before deciding that the time has come for a fork." theregister.com/2021/05/07/aud

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Clean Up The Web!



- Italian translation by Alain Mauri (github.com/wildeng)

- VSCod(ium) code tour for translators by Tomas Ekeli (github.com/TomasEkeli) who also wrote the Norwegian translation

- French translation improvement by goofy-mdn (github.com/goofy-mdn)

Thank you all :) 💕


@cyrus Ah, that's quite a different story then, that's reassuring, but thanks for sharing anyway.

I'm have a desktop PC, not a laptop, plus the components are quite new, I bought the motherboard and CPU in January.

@cyrus wow, that's not promising. What model was the motherboard?

I did try that, but I guess I didn't wait 15 seconds, because once I did, everything started working again.

I literally don't even.


Today I woke up to the nice surprise of my PC not turning on. Not even the fans or lights, it was dead.

After tearing it all apart, swapping components with my brother's PC and calling all of my local computer stores for a new motherboard (none of which had any decent ones), I found a post on a random ass forum suggesting removing the motherboard battery, WAITING 15 SECONDS, then putting it back.


Just tried 1.0.1 and it's a lot better! Really goes to show how important image processing is with modern cameras. Great job to the devs!

Tooted from Tootle on my Pinephone 😀

@linmob Too bad :/

Anyway, it's called Ficurinia, it runs my website, and you can find it here: gitlab.com/gabmus/hugo-ficurin

It's got a simple look, it's highly customizable via the config file and most of it works without JS (exceptions include search).

@linmob I saw you're trying to change your static site generator, can I tempt you with hugo and a pretty cool theme I made?

@tbernard One could argue that a plain color makes everything more legible, but then the next step would be to have no wallpaper.

GNOME used to show the wallpaper with a darker tint, and it was pretty and functional. With blur plus dark tint everything should remain legible, and look great as well. The lock screen already has a similar effect so it shouldn't really be too far design wise.

The issue is that gray is boring, and while usually boring works, I think eye candy is important as well.

@popey attach it to the internet so that random strangers can print interesting stuff for you.

@fribbledom Fake or not, it's still probably still linked to your real identity, that's the most worrisome part. I'm happy I bought a second hand HTC Vive, even if it's old hardware at this point, it's well supported on Linux and doesn't need any accounts (pretty sure you can use openvr/openxr without steam).

@brainblasted No matter what I'm doing, the more monitors I have the better. Can't ever have enough pixels real estate.

@BrodieOnLinux It looks a little bit too much even for YouTube's compression. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of one of your videos taken from the original export?

Could also be that the low lighting you shoot with makes YouTube's compression stand out more, but again, that looks like too much.

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